İmamoğlu: 'Channel Istanbul is a Project at its End'

imamoglu canal istanbul is a project that has come to an end
imamoglu canal istanbul is a project that has come to an end

IMM pressed the button to produce “Disaster Oriented Social Housing” in Izmit with the help of KİPTAŞ. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, Izmit Mayor Fatma Kaplan toured the land on which the project, the foundation of which will be laid in December, will be built, together with Hürriyet. Imamoglu, a journalist, said, “Today, our President made a statement and the 'Canal Istanbul project has come to an end. "We will go out to international tender," he said. You are the IMM President; What do you think?”, “Let me be very clear; The definition of 'end' is correct. Kanal Istanbul has come to an end. Because it will not be done. It has come to an end in the eyes of our citizens, it is a project that has come to an end in the eyes of the world's reputable financial institutions and reputable construction companies. We want it to come to an end as a project. Why? Because; So that the end of Istanbul will not come, so that the future of Istanbul will be saved. Our activities in this direction will continue.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Izmit Municipality took action to produce 'Disaster Oriented Social Housing' with the help of KİPTAŞ. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, Izmit Mayor Fatma Kaplan met with Hürriyet in Arızlı District, where the project will be carried out. İmamoğlu and Kaplan, who first visited the land where the foundation of the project will be laid, then went in front of the cameras with KİPTAŞ General Manager Ali Kurt at the same point.


İmamoğlu said, "We wanted to see this place with our president, congratulate and see how our relationship is going, what the next stages will be."

"I gotta say: Istanbul, Turkey locomotive from every angle. every step taken in Istanbul, Turkey really impresses. Another dimension of Istanbul, in particular, the obligation to have a very tight relationship in the form of a dialogue with the neighboring region of Turkey. Starting almost from Bolu all the way to Edirne, another end is from Balıkesir-Bursa, in other words, Istanbul is a city that affects the entire Marmara Region. With its traffic, life, energy, production, every aspect… Kocaeli is one of the provinces with which it establishes the tightest communication here. "


Noting that Istanbul and Izmit have similar problems in production, industry and urbanization, İmamoğlu said, “We have put forward such a main principle that we should develop the ability to act together, be it water policies, energy policies, transportation policies. Here, too, we established the fastest communication with Kocaeli. This is actually a need. Izmit is also the lifeblood and heart of Kocaeli. In fact, Izmit is the locomotive of this big city. This locomotive has a really hard-working, very enthusiastic and loving mayor of its region. This is a chance for us. Therefore, this healthy form of dialogue quickly brought us to this conclusion ”.


Saying "But we don't want to stay here," Imamoglu brought the issue to the earthquake problem:

“Earthquake is our primary agenda, the most important agenda of Istanbul. This is also true for Kocaeli. Especially here, in every step to be taken in the name of the earthquake, from urban transformation to social housing production of this kind and other issues, we have to be in good communication at all times. We will develop this. And hopefully, we will take steps together to make Izmit, Istanbul and the nearby geography a solid structure that will be least affected by the earthquake. Our dialogue continues with the ministry on this issue. This is really an issue above politics; a national issue. I even raise it like the independence problem, which is indeed the case. When analyzed, everyone will feel it. I hope we will continue to do much better things with our Fatma Mayor and our İzmit Municipality. "


Emphasizing that their doors are open to municipalities belonging to every political party, İmamoğlu said, “Developing business and being in solidarity with every municipality knocking on our door is an understanding that suits our Istanbul and our road walk. Let's underline this too. Our doors are not locked to anyone, but rather open wide open. Let's have announced this here, ”he said.


Sharing the information that İmamoğlu promised to support them during his visit to İzmit after he was elected as the IMM President, İzmit Mayor Hürriyet shared the information that the name of the project will be "KİPTAŞ İzmit Çınar Houses", inspired by the logo of the municipalities. Stating that they will give priority to healthcare professionals who fought heroically during the pandemic process, Kaplan said:

“We came together three months ago, together with the IMM teams. First, we determined the titles about what they can do in Izmit, and after those titles, our units gradually started negotiations for the projects. Three months later, we start the 'Disaster-Oriented Social Housing' project, which is one of the most important pillars of these projects, by saying 'Bismillah' here today. Our dear President came to see the land today. KİPTAŞ found the place very quickly, took care of the purchasing works and prepared the project very quickly. It is a very important and proud job for us. In the presence of all Izmit residents, I would like to thank my dear President and his valuable team for being our brothers and sisters for coming to us. We said 'We will do good things'. We believed it. With the support of our presidents, this is a start in Izmit. Much better projects will continue. "


Stating that as KİPTAŞ, they have realized an exemplary cooperation with İzmit Municipality, KİPTAŞ General Manager Kurt stated that the social houses they will build in the region will be boutique style. Stating that they will lay the foundation of the project they will produce for citizens living in Kocaeli and who are not registered homes, Kurt said, “As of today, we have obtained our licenses from our district municipalities. We will complete the financial processes in the near future. We will manage this process by collecting demand. It is a project consisting of approximately 143 independent units. We try to carry out all the processes of our project in a transparent and participatory manner. This is how we did our previous projects. Our greatest understanding in the new era; Being transparent and participating. Our survey has been concluded as of yesterday. With the decisions of more than 10 thousand 300 participants, we will soon decide on the determining factors, especially in the finance part. I wish good luck to Izmit. I hope this will raise awareness for increasing the durable building stock of Izmit and set an example for other sector representatives to be made from now on ”.


İmamoğlu, Kaplan and Wolf; After the field trip, he moved to Izmit Municipality. The trio, who once again met with members of the press in the Assembly Hall, shared their views on the project. İmamoğlu told reporters who asked about the details of the project, “Technical details, my friends, will share all aspects with you in December. But this is a fact: It definitely has a contemporary understanding of housing. We want to raise a project in Izmit with a design that will make the living conditions of the people the highest quality, environmentally friendly, high design power, not ordinary, but on the contrary, enrich the city and give people the feeling of 'I would be happy in this house'. We will reflect these not only for Izmit but also to all the building characters of KİPTAŞ's new era. Of course earthquake resistant; "It is important for us to set an example in this respect, too."


A journalist asked 3 questions to İmamoğlu. Imamoglu, the journalist, "First; What will be the price, will the minimum wage be observed? Latter; AK Party Kocaeli representatives, about the project, 'Ekrem İmamoğluThey say, 'This project is being done for the sake of his heart'. Will you have an answer on that? Third; Our President made a statement today and said, 'The Kanal Istanbul project has come to an end. "We will go out to international tender," he said. You are the IMM President; What do you think?” gave the following answers to the questions:

“I read the statement on the way. Let me be very clear; The definition of 'end' is correct. Channel Istanbul has come to an end. Because it will not be done. It has come to an end in the eyes of our citizens as well, it is a project that has come to an end in the eyes of reputable financial institutions and reputable building companies of the world. We want it to come to an end as a project. Why? Because; So that the future of Istanbul would not come to an end. Our activities in this direction will continue.

If 150 residences are being built in Izmit to make it my heart, I wish I had the power to come to my heart every month, and if one were to build a house in Izmit. In my opinion, our AK Party brothers and sisters are happy with the service we have done here, so they were surprised what to say with joy. But it was a good definition. I hope we will have lots of hearts in Izmit.

The minimum wage issue is important to us. Strictly paying an installment based on the minimum wage, my friends work in every social housing project. I hope that Here, too, my friends are also forcing an installment model that can be paid with the minimum wage by pushing those limits.

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