How to Change Residence?

How to change residence
How to change residence

📩 04/01/2023 08:55

Change of residence is one of the procedures that almost every citizen needs in certain periods. In case of moving to a different city or neighborhood, the change of residence, which must be notified to the Population Directorates of our Ministry, can be easily completed in a few steps. So, how is the residence change made through E-Government? Here are some curious information about that subject;

The address change notification from the E-Government, which citizens who have to change their residence addresses with curiosity, are carried out by e-signature, mobile signature or SMS verification. So, how to change the address from E-Government? Here are the steps on that topic:

  • First, reach the address change page by clicking the link below.
  • In order to minimize the spread of the epidemic in line with the measures taken within the scope of combating the COVID-19 Outbreak, the registration of the address notification between the provinces made through the population directorates and the e-Government Gate was suspended until 27.04.2020. So take this into consideration and start your process.
  • Then, on the page that appears, "I'll just give an address notification for myself." And "I will report the address for myself and the family members with whom I share the same residence." Select the appropriate option for you and move on to the moving date section.
  • With all the information filled in, address information will be requested on the next page.
  • Click the "Find Address" button to select the settlement and / or other address. The address selection screen will open. Select the address to which you will make a notification from the screen that opens.
  • After completing this process, choose one of the notification method, such as mobile signature, electronic signature and SMS verification. Since the mobile and electronic signature are provided by the operators, SMS verification will be a more accessible method.
  • Then, after pressing the advance button, you can enter the verification code sent to the mobile phone on the page and proceed to the registration process.
  • In the address declaration process to be made via e-government, a fine of 86 TL is imposed, as can be seen on the system, in the event of a late declaration, except for the declarations made for the duration. If the citizens who see this submit to the population directorate within 7 days and submit that they will deposit the money in advance, this penalty will be reduced to 65 TL. If the address to be declared appears to be full during the address declaration process, the e-government cannot be processed. Citizens who encounter this problem should come to the population directorate and have their procedures done.
  • For ID card, driver's license, passport and other transactions to be made by the population offices, Alo 199 or An appointment must be made from the internet address.

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