IMM Search and Rescue Team Successfully Completed Their Task

IMM Search and Rescue Team Successfully Completed Their Task
IMM Search and Rescue Team Successfully Completed Their Task

All over Turkey's eyes when çevrilmişken to future good news from Izmir, left behind 92 hours Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) search and rescue teams, seven civilians when removing the wounded from under the rubble has reached 36 people dead body. Search and rescue teams consisting of IMM Fire Department and İSKİ, who have successfully completed their task, will move to Istanbul in the evening.

After the 6,6-magnitude earthquake off the Aegean Sea, İzmir Seferihisar, the IMM teams quickly rushed to help the region and took important tasks in the wreck work with 207 personnel and 53 vehicles for four days.

According to the report shared by IMM AKOM, Izmir BayraklıThe IMM teams, who have been involved in the search and rescue operations of the wrecks in the Adalet, Mansuroğlu and Manavkuyu ​​neighborhoods in Istanbul, have reached the lifeless bodies of 36 people while seven citizens have been injured from under the rubble so far. As a result of the wreckage studies;

A 16-year-old citizen named İnci OKAN was injured under the rubble,

Seher PERİNÇEK and her twin daughters Ezel and Elzem were injured, her son Umut was lifeless,

A 70-year-old citizen named Ahmet CİTİM was injured,

14-year-old girl named İdil ŞİRİN was wounded 58 hours later,

A 3-year-old girl named Elif PERİNÇEK was removed after 65 hours as injured and handed over to healthcare teams.


Even after 65 hours after the earthquake right under the debris removed three-year-old Jennifer and her rescued he would keep his fingers of steel melt Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Fire Muammar corporal was hope he understands all statements of Turkey. Muammer Çelik told those moments with the words "My God has donated Elif to us and the country".


Logistics Support teams affiliated to IMM provide three meals a day to an average of 8 people with four mobile buffets and 2000 thousand mobile items (instant cake, instant soup, tea, etc.) per day. At the same time, the logistics teams serve the region with 15 mobile toilets and seven mobile shower cabins.

İBB Park Bahçeler teams also serve in the region with 16 caravans with 4 toilets on them. The ISBAK team also meets the phone charging needs of the teams and citizens who carry out search and rescue operations in the wreck with the generators and charging units they bring to the region.


A medical team consisting of 19 ambulance, a doctor, an ATT and 23.00 drivers was sent to the region with rapid test kits at 1:2 yesterday due to the positive Covid-19 test result of a fire brigade participating in search and rescue efforts. The examination of the personnel was started by the medical team who reached the region. Covid-XNUMX tests of the search and rescue team are continuing.

Günceleme: 03/11/2020 13:14

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