Hyundai KONA Electric Now More Technological and Modern

hyundai kona electric is now more technological and modern
hyundai kona electric is now more technological and modern

📩 04/01/2023 08:55

Hyundai has developed and launched the world's first mass-produced B-SUV model, the KONA EV. KONA EV, which attracts great attention by consumers especially in the American and European markets, has achieved more than 2018 thousand sales since its launch in 120. KONA EV, which broke the record by covering 1.026 km with a single charge in the range trial conducted in Germany in the past months, thus demonstrated once again the importance of electric cars.

The new KONA Electric brings along a series of innovations with its exterior design makeup. Offering a simple and elegant appearance together, KONA's handy B-SUV body type is combined with high-end electrical technology, providing comfort to its users.

The front part with a completely closed grille with a new look is more modern and more aesthetic than the previous model. This modern look allows the car to emphasize a wider stance in the exterior design. Further enhanced by the new LED daytime running lights, the front is complemented by an asymmetrical charging port, a feature unique to KONA Electric, and makes a strong impression of electric driving.

The new, sharper headlights stretch straight to the side of the car. The inner frame of these headlights with high illumination capacity now comes with multi-directional reflector (MFR) technology. The front grille has been removed in the New KONA EV and moved to the compartment below. In the rear bumper, a horizontal gray-striped diffuser is used to add meaning to the car's overall appearance. While these lines maintain elegance, at the same time, the new horizontally extended rear stops continue the stylish look of the front.

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