Reminder of Covid-19 Measures in Nursing Homes and Disabled Care Centers

Reminding of covid measures in nursing homes and disabled care centers
Reminding of covid measures in nursing homes and disabled care centers

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services sent a circular reminding the rules of Covid-19 precautions and practices that should be taken for the personnel working on the nursing home, disabled care center and children's homes.

In the circular sent by the Ministry within the scope of the Covid-19 measures, the Ministry reminded that the strict measures applied as of February against the nursing home and the nursing home and children's homes site and the staff working in these institutions will continue in the coming days. The following warnings were included in the circular where the rules regarding the measures to be taken and practices were reminded:

Shifts Will Continue as Periods of 14 Days

The shifts of the personnel working in these institutions will continue to be arranged as 14-day periods. On the return from the hospital, the duration of isolation will be 14. If isolation is not possible for 14 days, at least 10 days of isolation will be done.

PCR Test Will Be Performed For The Personnel In Home Isolation Before Starting To Work

The PCR test, which has been carried out since April and applied to personnel before starting work, will continue. After the pre-shift test, care will be taken to ensure that people continue to be isolated by complying with the rules of full isolation, that the personnel do not start working without disclosing the test result, and that the personnel whose PCR test result is reported negative are taken into the work area.

Social Activities Will Not Be Allowed

Socialization of the personnel working in the institution with each other will be kept as limited as possible. People will be prevented from eating together. Social events will not be allowed in places affiliated to the Ministry.

Guests Taken to Establishments in Emergencies Will Definitely Be Isolated for 14 Days

It will be ensured that the guests taken to the organizations in emergency situations will be isolated for 14 days, testing will be carried out at the end of the 14-day isolation period, and people who are reported negative test results will be taken to their rooms. Those who receive inpatient treatment will be discharged from the hospital after the completion of their treatment and the appearance of two PCR test negativities to be done 24-48 hours afterwards.

Contact Tracking Will Be Conducted According To The Contact Algorithm

The isolation of persons identified as contact will be carried out in single-person areas where they are located, and if it is not possible in single-person areas, their isolation will be provided with the least number of people. Contact tracking will be carried out according to the contact algorithm.

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