Is Painless and Fast Treatment of Hemorrhoid Disease Possible?

pain-free and rapid treatment of hemorrhoids is possible
pain-free and rapid treatment of hemorrhoids is possible

Explaining the laser treatment of hemorrhoids disease, General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. İsmail Özsan said, “After a painless procedure for about 10 minutes, our patients are discharged on the same day and hemorrhoids problems disappear in a short time”.

Hemorrhoids are a common disease in both men and women. General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. İsmail Özsan gave information about the hemorrhoid disease that impairs the comfort of life of the patients and the practical treatment of this disease.

Stating that the hemorrhoid disease, also called hemorrhoids among the people, is caused by the sagging of the enlarged vessels at the end of the anal area. Dr. İsmail Özsan, “It is the state of the vasodilation that occurs in the legs and known as varicose veins in the anus region. Hemorrhoid disease is divided into internal and external hemorrhoids. "It manifests itself with sensations such as burning, pain, itching and discharge in the anus region and in the form of palpable breasts."

Stating that hemorrhoid disease is common not only over the age of 50, but also in young adults, Dr. Özsan said, “Hemorrhoids are actually a disease faced by individuals of production age who contribute to society socially. "Hemorrhoid diseases can occur due to reasons such as standing too often, sitting a lot, and chronic constipation."


Especially in the younger patient group, Op. Dr. İsmail Özsan said the following about hemorrhoid treatment with laser:

“Since the patient group that we need to intervene is at a young age, we have started to stay away from surgical treatment methods that are painful as before and have a later recovery period. One of the most common surgical methods we use in this period is laser procedures. Actually, laser is not a hemorrhoidectomy technique. It is a procedure that involves gluing the vessels here with special laser probes and pulling them upwards and without pain to the patient. The process takes about 5 to 10 minutes. There is no need for bowel cleansing. Anesthesia is not required, and our patient, who is discharged on the same day, can return to his daily life immediately. After the application of laser hemorrhoids, the swelling and expanding vessels shrink in a short time and the patient's complaints disappear.

CAN hemorrhoids be prevented?

Kiss. Dr. İsmail Özsan also stated that patients can make some changes in their life habits in order to prevent hemorrhoid problems, and made the following recommendations:

“Constipation is one of the factors that cause hemorrhoids. For this reason, foods with fiber should be consumed to help the digestive system function properly. One cause of constipation is not getting enough water; Therefore, attention should be paid to daily water consumption. Sedentary life causes many diseases as well as hemorrhoid problems. We recommend a regular 30-45 minute walk every day. Holding the toilet for a long time or sitting in the toilet for a long time can also be inconvenient in terms of hemorrhoids. "

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