Health Minister Koca Visited Earthquake Survivors Treated in İzmir

health minister visited earthquake victims who were being treated in Izmir
health minister visited earthquake victims who were being treated in Izmir

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca visited Ege University Faculty of Medicine Children's Hospital, where children who were injured in the earthquake in İzmir were treated.

Minister Koca made a statement to the press after his visit to the wounded at Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital in Izmir, where he went to make a series of contacts and visits.

In his statement, Koca stated that there were 114 citizens who lost their lives during this period and said, “While 107 citizens lost their lives under the rubble, 7 of our citizens died in health institutions. We have 36 citizens who are currently being treated in our hospitals, 999 of our citizens have been discharged. In our intensive care units, the treatment of 7 of our patients continues, and the condition of 7 of these 5 patients remains a little more serious ”.

Minister Koca gave the following information about the patients he visited: “I visited our baby monthly, he is in intensive care. I can say that his general condition is good and he can be put into service today or tomorrow. The treatment of our baby Elif continues with her siblings in the service. The general condition of our Elif baby is also good, she does not have any problems. We also chatted with her older sisters twins Ezel and Elzem. I've visited in intensive care before, and our twins are in good general condition.

Saying that he also visited İdil, who is Kovid-19 positive, Koca said, “The general condition of our Idil daughter and her mother is good, they are getting their treatment for Covid, they have no serious symptoms. As you know, our good day son was in intensive care, he had more crush syndrome and kidney burden from the beginning. His general condition is good, he will be taken to the service after being followed up in intensive care for 2-3 days. In this sense, I can say that they do not have a serious problem ”. Koca stated that İnci is also in good condition and that she could be discharged soon.

Minister Koca thanked all the working teams and stated that UMKE teams continue health screenings in tents, and a total of 1118 health personnel are on duty.

"Phase 1 human application started at our Erciyes University as of today"

Referring to the domestic vaccine issue, Koca said, “I told you last week about the domestic vaccine that it will start this week. Human practices, which we call Phase 1, have started at Erciyes University as of today. Therefore, the next process is a phase that can be applied to 1 people in phase 44. I think it will be finished in 5-6 weeks. Today our domestic human vaccine application was started for the first time in Turkey, "he said.

Minister Koca visited the tents in Bornova Aşık Veysel Recreation Area

After visiting the hospital, Koca moved to the area where the tents were in Aşık Veysel Recreation Area and conveyed his condolences to Özge Kozalı, who lost his mother in the earthquake wreckage.

Minister Koca also received information about the work in the Kovid polyclinic and the high-tech drone with a thermal camera purchased by the Ministry for use in disaster areas.

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