Has Berat Albayrak, Minister of Treasury and Finance, Left His Duty?

has the minister of treasury and finance berat albayrak resigned
has the minister of treasury and finance berat albayrak resigned

Turkish Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak announced on his social media account that he left his post.

Albayrak used the following expression in his post;

"To the attention of the public

I decided that I could no longer continue my ministry job, which I have held for about five years, due to my health problems. In the next period, I will spare my time for my mother, father, wife and children, whom I have neglected for many years due to necessity and have never withheld their support.

Very big goals we set out with our new friends from the flag change in the leadership of our President on this trip, which will take place in Turkey will continue with the great and powerful and more stable than ever to target certain steps.

As in Energy, the seeds we sow in the Economy, too, will turn into huge tiles in the not too distant future and we will witness that our country has reached the goal of full independence. I have no doubt about that.

I would like to thank all my close colleagues who burdened me with this difficult but sacred burden during this 5-year period. Many of my rights have passed, let them make their rights halal. May my Lord be pleased with each of our citizens who pray in believing in our sincerity in such a difficult time when the horse trail is involved in the impulse trail and it is difficult to distinguish between the truth and the west.

which is perhaps the most critical period will be counted from the 5-year period in Turkey's history to serve my country and my nation are forever praise our Lord, grant me.

May Allah Almighty, who knows the unseen, hearts and true intentions, not separate us from Sirat-1 Mustakim.
May we admire our end ...

Berat Albayrak "

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