What is Transition Advantage? Which Vehicles Have Transition Superiority?

Which vehicles have access privilege
Which vehicles have access privilege

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In traffic, there is an advantage in passing between vehicles. The reason is to ensure that the life and property safety of the drivers of the vehicles is not endangered during the mission. Accordingly, the officers continue on their way without being subject to restrictions and prohibitions. Vehicles that have the passage advantage according to the Traffic Law No. 2918 are as follows. Which vehicles have transition advantage? Which vehicle gives way to which vehicle? Is the passage superiority in traffic ambulance or fire brigade? When and how to use ambulance passing advantage? How to Use Transition Superiority? What is Transition Advantage?

What is Transition Advantage?

Transition advantage is not given to all vehicles. It is an important issue that must be known and must be taken into account in traffic. In order to prevent the loss of life and property of the vehicles during the duty, the passing advantage given in certain frames in traffic is called transition superiority in traffic.

Vehicles with Passage Advantage in Traffic

  • Vehicles that transport sick, injured and emergency patients have a passing advantage. (Ambulance, special vehicles etc.)
  • Devices carrying organs or tissues have a transitional advantage.
  • Fire trucks going to the fire have a passing advantage.
  • The vehicles that follow the crimes or the vehicles that go to the scene have a passing advantage. (Police, police, etc. vehicles)
  • Vehicles that work in road construction have the advantage of passing on the road. (Vehicles working with snow or ice)
  • Vehicles operating in case of emergency disasters have a passing advantage.
  • Protection and protection vehicles have the advantage of passing.

Passing Superiority of Vehicles at Intersections

The transition advantage of the vehicles is generally like this. However, apart from these, the passing advantage of the vehicles at the intersection is among the issues that are frequently confused. In order not to confuse these issues, we explain once again for you:

Vehicles coming towards the intersection should control their surroundings and should not make sudden and rapid movements. Intersections are places that are very active in terms of traffic. For this reason, traffic rules need to be paid more attention here. Attention should be paid to traffic lights and traffic signs. Here are some tools that should be given transition superiority. We can list these tools as follows:

  1. The vehicles mentioned above have a transition advantage.
  2. Trams that pass directly have the advantage of passing.
  3. Vehicles coming from divided roads have a passing advantage.
  4. Vehicles traveling from the passageway to the highway have a passage advantage.
  5. Motor vehicles have a transition advantage over vehicles coming from the right.
  6. Non-motor vehicles must give motor vehicles a transition advantage.
  7. Vehicles coming from the secondary road have the advantage of passing.

As we mentioned above, we need to pay more attention to traffic rules at intersections. Drivers passing from the intersection to the intersection do not encounter any problems as long as they comply with these rules. Drivers are forbidden to stop or move slowly or quickly, especially at intersections. Since this will affect the flow of traffic, it will also cause unwanted accidents.

How to Use Transition Superiority?

If you have encountered one of the above tools, you must use the transition advantage. Well, but do you know how to do this? In case you don't know, we explain how to use transition advantage for you:

  • Increase the speed of your vehicle by paying attention to the road so that the vehicles cannot come side by side. Make room in such a way that the vehicle with transition superiority can pass easily.
  • If you need to give a crossing advantage on multi-lane roads, use the right lane. Drivers usually prefer the right lane at this point. Turn slowly by signaling in the left lane and let the vehicle change into the right lane.
  • If there is no space in the ribbon, move towards the left and clear up space.

While giving the transition advantage, don't actually go into the opposite lane. In this way, you can cause unwanted accidents on the road you are trying to give.

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