Does turning off the combi boiler at night save you money?

Does turning off the boiler at night save money
Does turning off the boiler at night save money

📩 04/01/2023 08:55

Does turning off the combi boiler at night save you money? High natural gas bills, one of the most important expense items of the family budget, can be reduced with some measures.

Stating that correct mistakes increase natural gas consumption, Üçay Mühendislik General Coordinator Özgür Şahin said, “The increasing consumption is directly reflected on the invoices and the bills are high. Despite the high amounts paid, the houses cannot be heated sufficiently. However, it is possible to reduce bills and increase comfort with some measures to be taken. " he said and shared important information.

With the arrival of the winter season, natural gas bills started to increase. Özgür Şahin, General Coordinator of Üçay Mühendislik, which introduced more than 500 thousand houses to natural gas, shared practical information that will reduce heating costs and lower bills. "Should the combi boiler be closed at night?" He also clarified his question and said: “Turning off the boiler and turning it on in the morning does not save in any way. When the boiler is turned off at night, the floor, ceiling and walls of the space cools down until the morning. In order to heat the space in the morning, the temperature of the combi is increased and the boiler works 2 times more. Thus, the savings made at night are wasted. For this reason, the right thing is to turn the boiler down at night. "


Stating that the settings of the combi should not be changed frequently, Özgür Şahin said, “The combi, which is opened when the weather starts to get colder, should be closed when the weather gets warmer. There are times when the boiler will be shut down during this long period. The boiler can be turned off if going out for more than 1 day. It is wrong for someone who goes out for 2 or 3 hours to turn off the boiler. " said.


Underlining that combi boiler and radiator maintenance is one of the factors affecting savings, Şahin said, “Boiler maintenance and cleaning of radiators affect saving. Boilers and combi boiler installations that are not regularly maintained do not work efficiently and their efficiency is also low. Periodic maintenance increases the efficiency of the boiler and saves money. It also extends the life of the boiler. While maintenance-free combi boilers consume high amounts, they cannot provide the desired benefit. The residues and lime that cause blockage in the radiators should also be cleaned. Some areas do not heat up in combs that are not cleaned. This encourages the heating system to work harder. All operations should be done by authorized services. " shared their information.

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