The Roads to Formula 1 Are Cleared

The roads to formula are cleared
The roads to formula are cleared

IMM initiated a comprehensive cleaning work on transportation routes and event area for the races in Intercity Istanbul Park, which was added to the world's most important motor sport Formula 2020 calendar in 1. The work that started on November 13 will continue until November 15, the last day of the event. The works are carried out by 114 personnel under İSTAÇ.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), 9 years after re-entering the Formula 1 calendar Turkey is doing a thorough cleaning work for the feet. The work started on the Intercity Istanbul Park event area and transportation routes on November 13, will continue until November 15, which is the last day of the races. It will be ensured that Formula 1, the world's most important motor sport, is carried out in accordance with pandemic conditions. Istanbulites will experience the Formula 1 excitement in a healthy way.


The scope of the cleaning works carried out by 114 personnel under İSTAÇ is as follows:

  • Elimination of all visual pollution and negativity in the 100-kilometer area from D-1 Highway Shipyards Bridge to the Formula 18 event entrance gate,
  • Removal of tree and branch fragments in the 1-kilometer landscape area within the Formula 12 activity area,
  • Cleaning of visual pollution and negativity by washing vehicles after 6 kilometers of painting works in the runway area,
  • Opening and cleaning the loopholes on the 6-kilometer route around the runway area,
  • During the asphalt change in the runway, removal of the debris entering the 6-kilometer green area,
  • Cleaning and washing the 16-kilometer waste water channels within the runway area,
  • Washing the protocol tribune ...


The 2020 season is the 1th season of the Formula 70 World Championship. This season's importance for Turkey, nine years after the return of the organization again. With 9 teams and a total of 10 pilots, the season, which should start in Australia on March 20, 15, was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Monaco GP, Australia, France, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Japan and the Netherlands, China and Canada Grand Prix were canceled. The season started with the Austrian Grand Prix on July 2020th. Our country, a total of 5 points from the Mercedes Grand Prix team will be out Turkey as they have secured the championship standings.

In the history of the Formula 1 World Championship, Ferrari is by far the team with the most victories with 16 championships. Williams has 9 championships and McLaren has 8 titles in the teams classification. Mercedes and Lotus won the championship 7 times and Red Bull 4 times.

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