Flextrong Hanging Container System Makes a Difference in Logistics

flextrong suspended container system makes a difference in logistics
flextrong suspended container system makes a difference in logistics

Ebbi Logistics Solutions, founded by 3 entrepreneurs experienced in the logistics and retail sector, has managed to attract the attention of European and Asian countries with the hanger container system developed at the end of the intensive R&D process. The entrepreneur company, which received a seed investment from the Fashion Technology acceleration program in Italy and the Singapore Hatcher Plus fund with a valuation of 1 million Euros, performs the hanging installation of the containers transferred to France, Denmark, Spain, America and Canada, especially England.

Established with a domestic capital of 200 thousand TL, Ebbi Logistics has developed a more advantageous system compared to the traditional hanging system. Intensive R - D studies were included in the patent and PCT countries to Turkey as a result of project implementation.

Installation takes place in 45 minutes

Ebbi Logistics, which was established in 2018 to create innovative solutions for use in logistics activities and to bring the use of these solutions to the regional and then global dimensions, entered the radar of European and Asian countries for the first 2 years. Founding partners İlker Keşkek, Berna Aksoy and Bekir Aksoy brought together their experiences in retail, logistics, domestic and foreign trade, and developed a hanger container system that can be applied to containers of all sizes in just 45 minutes. The system currently helps to improve the logistics activities of textile companies by increasing the amount of products shipped in a particular container by up to 25 percent.

Received investment from Singapore and Italy

Ebbi Logistics, which started out as StartUP, received a seed investment with a valuation of 1 million Euros from the Fashion Technology acceleration program in Italy and the Hatcher Plus fund in Singapore to develop the hanging container system outside of its equity. The company, headquartered in Istanbul, also has an office in Milan.

Berna Aksoy: "We mainly work by sea route"

Textile products that performed intensive production and maritime logistics infrastructure in Asia, North Africa, Ebbe indicating that it is more appropriate to the activities of developing countries in South America Logistics Co-Founder and Sales & Marketing Director Berna Aksoy, "local Turkey and organization of global logistics companies, medium and we work for large-scale logistics companies. With the service we offer, ready-to-wear products are transported to France, Denmark, Spain, USA and Canada, especially to the UK. The traditional hanger container system is generally used by large-scale ship-owner companies, but the fast installation and dismantling of the new hanger container system we have developed, requiring less labor and being less costly provides a great advantage for companies.

Production may shift from Asia to nearby geographies

Stating that the growth rates in 2020 are stable, as in companies in all sectors, Aksoy continued his words as follows:

“However, we did not encounter a negative picture during this period. The orders of some companies we work with were delayed for future periods, but on the other hand, our sales figures were not negatively affected by the increasing demands of some of our customers. Due to the global epidemic, we anticipate that fashion brands from Europe and America will shift some of their production from Asia to closer geographies in 2021 and the following years. In this sense, the countries in the neighboring region such as Turkey, it can more quickly supply will be in an advantageous situation. We think that this will positively affect our industry and company-based expectations. "

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