Fatma Ana Cemevi Will Be Completed In 2021, All Management Will Be Made Of Women

fatma mother cemevi will also be finished, all management will be women
fatma mother cemevi will also be finished, all management will be women

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, made examinations in the "Beylikdüzü Fatma Ana Djemevi and Cultural Center", which was started to be built during his own district mayor's term and is about to be completed. Noting that the center will be put into service in 2021, İmamoğlu said, “It was our President, Mehmet Murat Çalık, to finish this place. Our mayor had a very social participation. Here they developed a female theme. And for the first time, the entire management of a cemevi was composed of women. It was named 'Fatma Ana Cemevi'. In fact, this has matured at the request of our Alevi citizens; Let's say it too," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, made investigations at the "Beylikdüzü Fatma Ana Djemevi and Cultural Center" in the Kavaklı District, which was founded during the Beylikdüzü Mayoralty. Mayor of Beylikdüzü Mehmet Murat Çalık and Deputy Secretary General of IMM Mahir Polat accompanied Imamoglu on the inspection tour. Çalık and Polat informed İmamoğlu about the construction, which is nearing completion. Visiting different parts of the Djemevi and the cultural center, İmamoğlu answered the questions of the journalists in the conference hall of the facility. He stated that the construction of the cemevi started with the international competition process that was opened in his time.


Stating that nearly 150 projects participated in the competition, İmamoğlu said, “We applied the winner of that competition here. The projects that we have defined as the second, third and fourth are also in other places now, for example; It is being implemented in Gökçeada, Hacıbektaş ”. Noting that the project was implemented by considering and discussing all the needs of a cemevi, İmamoğlu said, “We were very impressed by that process. I was impressed by the sensitivity of the participants and how our jury went deeper and analyzed the process. Another dimension; At that time, we took such a step as a counterpart to the equality of citizens, with the understanding that a municipality can make an official mosque from its official budget. he spoke.


Stating that it was the duty of Çalık to finish the Cemevi, İmamoğlu said:

“Our mayor had a very social participation. Here, how the structure becomes functional is as important as its emergence. Here they developed a female theme. And for the first time, the entire management of a cemevi was made up of women. It was named Fatma Ana Cemevi. In fact, this has matured with the demand of our Alevi citizens; Let's say that too. With its touch, it is a very valuable initiative in terms of running a cemevi, its involvement in life and the observance of such sensitivity in the function of a place of worship. In this sense, our President's approach to decision making with common sense and conclusion as follows is a tremendous thing. I hope that our Alevi citizens will come here and accompany them while they are doing their prayers. We all feel the spirituality and peace here. "


İmamoğlu asked the question "Is there a similar one here?" We also think that this approach will be a source of inspiration. In this sense and in this approach, our Alevi citizens also have demands in Istanbul. There are places where they have to worship in very tight spots. Currently, as the Metropolitan Municipality, we want to build new cemhouses in these areas, in the same style and with this approach, with participatory models. I hope to the people of Istanbul and our Alevi citizens, we will present them in 2021. We have such a road map.

Unfortunately, in the past, the effort to build places of worship in a hasty, illegal, and confined way into the neighborhood did not create the desired, spiritual spaces. Now we will solve him, the sensitivity, conscience of this city, the understanding of this city that embraces everyone, ”he replied.

EXAMPLE project for Turkey

Alevi Bektashi beliefs architectural features intended to reflect the values ​​of "Fatma Ana Beylikdüzü Cem and Culture Center" project was prepared in a way that not only set an example for Turkey not to Beylikdüzü. The project of Beylikdüzü Cemevi, which will be adjacent to the Valley of Life, is free in accordance with the Regulation on Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering, Urban Design Projects, City and Regional Planning and Fine Art Works Competition according to Article 4734 of the Public Procurement Law No. It was organized as a national, single-stage, architectural project competition.


In the project, which won the first place in the competition, natural stone texture was used in building and landscape architecture in a way that does not disturb the interior and exterior continuity. The project, where wooden structures and textures will be preferred on the upper floors, was made in an area of ​​7 thousand 800 square meters in Kavaklı District. The project, which is also a Culture house, has been handled as an exemplary urban design and landscape project. The cemevi and culture house, which is planned to be built on an area of ​​2 square meters, created an accessible public space in Kavaklı District. The center also has a parking lot for 230 cars.

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