Ezo Gelinler Taken into Life with Agriculture School

Ezo brides came to life with agriculture school
Ezo brides came to life with agriculture school

In Gaziantep, 7 women went to the Agriculture School, which was established with the support of the Silk Road Development Agency. After the education they received here, the women who founded the Ezogelin Cooperative started to produce and almost got hold of life again. Nowadays, 7 Ezo Gelin is preparing to export the vegetables they produce by freeze drying in their cooperatives, which are an exemplary model for agricultural development.


İpekyolu Development Agency (İKA), affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Technology, cooperated with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the Social Development Support Program (SOGEP). With the project supported by İKA with 5 and a half million TL, an Agricultural School was established in Gaziantep's Oğuzeli district. 200 women were trained in the school where modern farming methods were taught. 7 of these women took an important step in terms of regional development by establishing the Ezogelin Cooperative.


İpekyolu Development Agency Secretary General Burhan Akyılmaz stated that they give priority to farmers in the region in the Agriculture School and said, “Our school consists of four classrooms. We provided trainings for our producers here, with our women in the center, on entrepreneurship, processing local products, cooperatives, sales, marketing and branding. 220 farmers have benefited from our school so far. 200 of them are women trainees. " said.


General Secretary Akyılmaz noted that women, who previously engaged in agriculture with traditional methods, received technical training and turned to qualified products thanks to the school and said, “Our 7 female trainees displayed an exemplary entrepreneurship and established the Ezogelin Women's Cooperative. They started to sell their products in the domestic market under the Ezogelin brand. We will provide the necessary support for them to export. " he spoke.


Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Agriculture Branch Manager Yusuf Yılmaz stated that they gave practical and theoretical trainings at the Agriculture School and said, “We make presentations in our training halls first. Then we move on to applied trainings in greenhouses and open areas. Here, we explain the advantages and disadvantages of the products grown in the region, together with the disease, fertilization and harvest. " said.

I bought my daughter a phone

Ezogelin Cooperative President Senem Türkkan noted that they collected eggplants, peppers and tomatoes in their cooperatives and then sold them and said, “If you ask what the cooperative has added to me, I stand on my own feet. I bought a phone call for my daughter with the first money I earned. I meet a lot of people. Some time ago there was a festival. We introduced ourselves, introduced our meals. " he spoke.


Saadet Toğaç, one of the founders of Ezogelin Cooperative, who is also an agricultural engineer, said that they wanted to touch all women in Gaziantep with this cooperative and said, "We established it with 7 people, but we will be 70 or even 700 women in the future. he spoke.


Tuğba Taşdemir, a woman member of the cooperative, said that she was 25 years old and left 3 of her 2 children from her marriage to her ex-husband because her financial situation was not good. “I have a daughter with me. It has been 2 months since I came to this cooperative. I'm glad I entered, I'm trying to stand on my own feet with my daughter. Here I want to improve myself and take my 2 children with me. " said.


Pointing out the importance of women's unity, Pakize Kut said, “There are a lot of young girls who do not read. There are women who divorce their spouses. Don't let them say 'No, don't go, shame'. Let's get together, produce. At least let it be engraved on the heads of the people that women have a power. " he spoke.


Ezgi Polat emphasized that he encouraged his friends about cooperatives and said, “If I am doing it, I ask my friends why you cannot do it. I am being so happy. Because I get this salary on my own terms. It's a very nice feeling to stand on your own feet. ” said.


Ezo Gelin, whose real name is Zöhre Bozgeyik, who was born in the Oğuzeli district of Gaziantep in the early 1900s, is a woman who has been the subject of folk songs and movies with her life story. Ezo Gelin, who is also named after a soup, is unwittingly married to a person in Syria. Ezo Gelin's longing for his country and Turkey until the end of his life. Tomb of Ezo then brought to Turkey from generation to generation to the beauty of the bride's saga has come to today explaining language.

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