Expanscience Labs Proceed to Carbon Zero Target by 2030

Expanscience Labs Proceed to Carbon Zero Target by 2030
Expanscience Labs Proceed to Carbon Zero Target by 2030

Expanscience Laboratories, a French family company specializing in skin health with the Mustela brand and the treatment of osteoarthritis with the brand Piasclédine 300, is taking firm steps towards its Carbon Zero target until 2030, which it developed as a company due to the wounds caused by carbon on our planet.

With the awareness that taking care of babies also means protecting the environment they live in, Expanscience makes every effort to minimize its impact on the environment, and continues its fight against global warming as part of its approach to create a positive impact on the environment.

Expanscience, which works to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, aims to minimize its impact on the environment by acting with the desire to end greenhouse gas emissions completely. An awareness seminar was held for Expanscience employees recently in order to inform about the work done on this subject and to share developments.

Commitment to Reduce Carbon Footprints

In the seminar consisting of three parts; Expanscience Laboratories Corporate Social Responsibility Director Dilek Tunç informed about Expanscience's 2030 Carbon Zero target. Saying that if nothing changes, the temperature of the Earth will increase by 100 degrees in the next 6 years, Dilek Tunç stated that Expanscience is working to limit the disasters caused by global warming. In the seminar where Canet Cengiz from EcoAct shared information about the carbon and climate crisis, Utku Yılmaz also gave examples of ecological life in the city.

Tips for reducing the carbon footprints of employees were shared at the seminar, where the individual footprints of Expanscience employees were also calculated. Expanscience employees who attended the seminar also pledged to take action to reduce their footprints.

Good Practices Worldwide

Some examples of good practices carried out by Expanscience around the world are as follows:

  • Turkey and Mexico: evolution toward hybrid car fleet of the field of eco-driving training ekipleer
  • Peru: In 2018, 320 tons of avocado cake not used for perseose was considered as livestock feed. A partnership was signed in May 2019 with a company authorized by the Peruvian Ministry of Environment to recycle the thermal oil used in the company's drying tunnels.
  • Brazil: Acquisition of "Amigo do clima", a local certificate issued by WayCarbon.
  • Spain: Operation "Bosque Mustela" was carried out to balance 1.100 tons of CO220 by planting 2 trees thanks to our partner "Planet for the Planet".

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