Head Director Ercan Kesal Movie

Head Director Ercan Kesal Movie
Head Director Ercan Kesal Movie

The name Ercan Kesal shows itself as a name that is often known with acting and is often seen in both movies and series. watch the film Although he attracted attention with his film, he took another step and showed how successful he is in directing. He managed to achieve a noticeable success with his first feature film, Nasipse Adayız. The name Ercan Kesal stands out as the scriptwriter in this film. In this production, which is an adaptation of his own novel, his own experiences are mentioned. This project, which is seen as a very ideal and successful domestic production, is very popular.

Political environments are widely included in the movie titled Nasipse Adayız. In this production, which is handled with a realistic point of view, the events that happened to the main character who took action to become the Mayor of Beyoğlu in 2000 are mentioned. Watch local movies This project, which attracts a lot of attention amongst many people, can be described as quite successful, although it is not known by many people. Conflicts within the party and the active days before the election are successfully conveyed in this film. The transfer of emotions and quality performances of the actors can also be counted among the details that draw the movie to a completely different point. This production is also known for including the plot that takes place in a single day.

It can be seen as a production that shows what political figures will do to win in the movie titled Nasipse Adayız. Although there are some problems in the plot, it was well edited and ideally shot. cork watch the film can lead among. It can also be seen how effective the team working behind the scenes has done. Within the film science called Nasipse Adayız, this production of Ercan Kesal also resembles the old Romanian films. However, it can also be counted among the projects of a different dimension in the domestic cinema. It is also said that every cinema lover will watch it with pleasure and can be seen as an effective choice for spending time in every sense.

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