Eurasia Airshow 2020 Held Online This Year

eurasia airshow will be online this year
eurasia airshow will be online this year

Eurasia Airshow 2020, which will be held in a wide time zone from Brazil to Bangladesh this year from all countries of the world, will be held online on 2-6 December 2020 this year due to the pandemic. Defense ministers, air force commanders, defense systems directors, senior executives of the aircraft industry and industry leaders from many different countries will attend.

Turkey's first aviation organization based Eurasia show Airshow will be held this year as online due to the pandemic. Eurasia Airshow 2, which will be held between 6-2020 December 2020, will be the meeting point of state institutions, military delegations, companies and industry professionals that make up the world aviation ecosystem. Eurasia Airshow 2020 will bring together participating companies and military delegations from more than 30 countries.

Romanian Defense Minister, Jordan Minister of Transport, Belarus Defense Industry Minister, Zambia Defense Minister, British Defense Industry President, Philippines Defense Industry Undersecretary, Lebanese Air Force Commander, Bangladesh Defense Industry Chief Jordan Chief of Staff, Pakistani Chief of Generalkrumay, Hungarian Air Force Commander, Bangladesh Many military delegations such as the Air Force Commander will attend.

During the fair, many topics such as Air Defense Systems, Aerodynamics of Aircraft, Future of Guided Rocket Systems, Covid 19 Effect in Civil Aviation will be realized with the speeches of international participants.

Currently, 2020 ministers, 6 chiefs of staff, 4 air force commanders, assistants at various levels and military delegations from more than 11 countries attended the Eurasia Airshow 30.


Capital Exhibition CEO Hakan Kurt, who said that they have very important sections due to their digital nature, said, “The main purpose of the Ministerial Roundtable Meeting is regional and global cooperation in the air defense system, collaborations will be discussed. At the Roundtable Meeting of Industry Leaders, cooperation against new generation air defense systems and future plans of the industry against nuclear attacks will be discussed. Webinars will be held on the topics of future strategies of air defense strategies, how to fight against UAS, how to improve commercial and civil aviation economies. " said.


Explaining that they have received more than 10 thousand registrations for the webinars alone, Kurt stated that they will hold the fourth online fair this year due to the pandemic and said: “The participants of the online events are more focused. Trade delegations' meetings are more efficient due to the time difference. Because we do this with a planning that spans almost 24 hours. We realize the company in China and Brazil at common hour. This is a very important experience. "

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