HEPP Code Matchings Continue in Public Transport in Eskişehir

HEPP Code Matching Continues in Public Transport in Eskisehir
HEPP Code Matching Continues in Public Transport in Eskisehir

As a result of the increasing number of cases, the HES Code becomes mandatory in trams and buses as of November 20, with the circular of the Ministry of Interior. While Citizens Metropolitan Municipality performs the matching process of Eskart and Hes Code in a short time, support points and many mukhtars serve citizens for citizens who cannot perform the transaction online.

Citizens in Eskişehir, as in every city before the Hes Code Period in Public Transport, which is one of the measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus and will start in all cities, define Hes Codes for their Eskart. The Metropolitan Municipality, which stopped the sale of Esbilet as of November 5 and reminded the citizens that the Hes Code Period will start on November 20, supports citizens at 11 points for citizens who cannot perform this transaction on the internet. Citizens' Headquarters Office (Former Marriage Office), ESMEK Opera, Youth Center, Esmek Yunus Emre Public Bazaar, Esmek 71 Houses, Esmek Emek, Esmek Tourist Handicraft Center, Haller Sports Center Administrative Building, Şirintepe Sports Center, Gültepe Sports Center, Sütlüce The Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that they can match up until the end of 20 November at the Sports Center and that the transaction can be made over the phone by calling ALO 20 after 153 November. Noting that those who do not perform Eskart matching after November 20 cannot use public transportation, the authorities stated that all citizens should get on public transport with their personalized Eskartı to minimize the risk of epidemics in public transportation.

Reminding that many mukhtars also supported citizens during the matching period, the officials stated that the matching process of nearly 120 thousand Eskart has been completed.

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