ESHOT's 2021 Budget Accepted! 368 New Bus Coming

Eshot's boutique is accepted, new bus is coming
Eshot's boutique is accepted, new bus is coming

The 2021 budget of the General Directorate of ESHOT was accepted by the majority of votes in the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council. Half of the revenue budget is reserved for bus purchases; One third of the fleet will be renewed, with 2021 new buses arriving by June 368. President Soyer announced that they will start work on the purchase of 100 electric buses next year, with the average age of the vehicle fleet falling to 5.2.

The seventh session of the November ordinary assembly meeting of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council was held under the management of Mayor Tunç Soyer, with the agenda of the 2021 Budget and Performance Program of the General Directorate of ESHOT. The 2021 expenditure budget of the institution is 1 billion 817 million 146 thousand TL; its revenue is 1 billion 176 million 196 thousand TL; The financing of the open surplus was accepted as 640 million 950 thousand TL by majority vote.

Need to take off a hat

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mustafa Özuslu, stated that ESHOT provides public transportation services without profit. Reminding that President Tunç Soyer had promised to buy 500 buses for the first term, Özuslu said, “The biggest bus purchase was realized in the country at one time. Let's congratulate this once. These will also be included in our ESHOT fleet until June 2021. The age of our bus fleet will drop to 6.2. With the inclusion of 100 electric buses in the fleet, the number of our electric buses will increase to 120 and the average age of the fleet will decrease to 5.2. We will continue with better quality buses. We would like to thank the Ministry of Development for the 105 million TL investment incentive for buses ”.

120 minutes system was good

Reminding that on September 1, 2020, the transition from the 90 minutes free transfer system in public transportation to the 120 minutes system, which is paid for the first two transfers, Özuslu also mentioned the positive results of the new system and gave the following information: “120 minutes is good for İzmir came. Is there any loss of boarding? There is. There is a 1 percent increase in first boardings. The citizen guided him to get on the bus more accurately. We were criticized for the second boarding as 'we get 50 cents'. Nobody asked, 'Why did you drop 10 cents on the first boarding?' does not say. Third rides increased. Those who want to take the figures from the General Directorate of ESHOT, look at them, ”he said.

Support call to İZTAŞIT

Özuslu also stated that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality unites minibus cooperatives providing public transportation services in non-metropolitan districts under a single roof and integrated it into the public transportation system, “We have implemented the İZTAŞIT Project in Seferihisar in ESHOT Torbalı, Menemen, Ödemiş. trying to put it into service. However, the number of passengers of İZTAŞIT also decreased due to the pandemic. In cooperatives that have invested in this service, our organized friends suffer. With the decree issued by our President, the duration of the subsidy payments made under Law No. 7244 was limited to 3 months. During this period, the Metropolitan Municipality was able to provide the necessary support to İZTAŞIT. The second pandemic era has come. In the decree, the authority to extend this period was given to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The Ministry extended the period, but excluded the organizations providing public transportation services to municipalities. We wrote articles. "We ask for the support of our parliament in order to spread and continue this practice."

The state should abolish SCT and VAT!

Saying, “We have a request from the state,” Özuslu said, “ESHOT needs 600 million lira support. We give this figure from the metropolitan budget. If the SCT and VAT burden for public transport institutions and organizations affiliated to municipalities are removed, there will be a saving of approximately 135 million TL annually for ESHOT alone. This is a serious input. We demand this from our state. Since urban public transport is a public service; Let's do this together, ”he said.

Transportation in Izmir is cheap

CHP Group SözcüSü Nilay Kökkkılınç asked council members to support the İZTAŞIT Project. Kökkılınç stated that there was a loss of 2019 million 933 thousand TL in income only in 366 due to the free or discounted public transportation rights of various groups with both the decision of the Grand National Assembly and the Presidential decree, “If this amount is paid by the state to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, "There will be no need for a million lira subsidy," he said.

We gave a good test in the rail system

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Soyer said the following in his statement after the speeches:
“Developed cities are not cities where the poor use private cars, but cities where the rich use public transportation. This word refers to rail systems. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality gave a very good test in the past 1,5 years on the rail system. Despite the pandemic, the construction of the Narlıdere Metro Line continued on its schedule. Çiğli Tramway tender was made. We have also started working on the Karabağlar-Gaziemir Metro Line. But the most important thing is the Buca metro… With a budget of 1 billion dollars, an agreement of 450 million dollars was reached with the consortium we formed for this project, which will be the largest investment in the history of Izmir. We will come to the point of realizing the international tender in January. Our main goal is to minimize public transportation with rubber tires and to expand rail systems. We will have put into service almost all (500 buses) of our 451 bus promise in five years before the end of 2.5 years. We are also starting work on the purchase of 100 electric buses next year. I congratulate our ESHOT General Manager and our assistant general manager colleagues for their successful performance here. This is an extraordinary success story. The purchase of 368 buses made in one go corresponds to a budget of 570 million TL spread over five years. If you had to buy it in cash from the State Supply Office for now, it would be 800 million TL. The fact that this purchase was made in a way that included free maintenance/repair service for five years despite the fluctuations in foreign currency is a success story to be pointed out. A great deal for Izmir. kazanç, congratulations.”

Our number of trips has not decreased

Stating that they served without reducing the number of trips during the pandemic period, Mayor Soyer said, “On March 18, 2020, we were serving all our public transportation vehicles with 1 buses, while there were 800 million 1315 thousand boarding passes per day. 1388 vehicles are in service today; The average number of boarding passes per day is 800 thousand… So we serve fewer passengers with more vehicles. Despite all this crisis, we did not decrease the number of trips. Despite the cost increases, we continue to serve in the best possible way, ”he said.

The number of smart stops will increase

Referring to the innovations that ESHOT General Directorate will make in 2021, Soyer completed his speech as follows:
“We are increasing the number of our solar powered 65 stops to 225. We are reviving the traditional Izmir closed stops at five points. We will expand the number of smart stops. We will purchase 200 bus stops every year, and 1000 bus stops. We will buy 100 electric buses. We will increase the number of female drivers to 100. We plan to save 600 million 11.7 thousand liras by focusing on our Solar Power Plant (SPP) works. We are sensitive about providing extra service to our healthcare professionals. We will take them away from public transportation and quickly reach their places of duty. With the launch of our new buses, the average age of our fleet will drop from 5.2 to XNUMX. During the pandemic period, the employees of our General Directorate of ESHOT, their drivers, our technical friends, gave a heavy test as much as the healthcare professionals, and continued to work with heart and soul at the beginning of their duties. They gave a very successful exam. I wish our ESHOT budget and performance program to be beneficial to Izmir. "

The prominent investments in the 2021 budget of ESHOT General Directorate are as follows:

New buses are coming

The biggest expense item in the 2021 budget was bus purchases. 134 million 364 thousand 4 TL has been allocated for the payment of 457 buses, of which 715 are articulated buses and 46 disabled buses specially made for wheelchair passengers, of which the tender was made this year and the contract was signed. It was stated that these buses will come step by step and all of them will start serving until June 2021. It was noted that with the addition of these vehicles, one third of the ESHOT fleet will be renewed, and the average age of the fleet will decrease from 9 to 5 with the decommissioning of old buses.

Electric bus purchase

In addition, work will be initiated to purchase 100 electric buses in the new year and the total number of electric buses in the ESHOT fleet will be increased to 120; It was stated that 10 million 22 thousand TL appropriation corresponding to 500 percent of the budget was allocated for this.

Featured goals

Among the 2021 targets of the General Directorate of ESHOT, the prominent service headings other than providing public transportation services were as follows: Extending the İZTAŞIT application started in Seferihisar in the Peninsula Region (Urla, Karaburun, Çeşme);

The Solar Power Plant (GES), which is currently installed on the roofs of ESHOT Gediz Heavy Care Facilities, Gediz 2nd Stage, Buca Adatepe and Karşıyaka installation on the roofs of their garages;

Working towards the target of increasing the number of solar-powered bus stops from 65 to 2024 by 225;

Extending the number of “smart stops”, which are currently 200, where information such as upcoming bus information, numbers of bus lines passing through the station can be viewed on digital screens, at suitable points throughout the city;

Within the scope of the project of modernizing and revitalizing Nostalgic İzmir Stops; In the first place, the realization of five nostalgic indoor, solar powered and air-conditioned bus stops at passenger intensive points ...

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