ESHOT Opens Izmirim Card Application Center at Bornova Metro Station Exit

Eshot Bornova Metro Station has opened a card application center
Eshot Bornova Metro Station has opened a card application center

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate opened a Card Application Center at the exit of İzmir Metro Bornova Station so that free card holders can obtain personalized (photo) İzmirim Cards quickly and easily. Thus, the number of card application centers in the city was increased to 5. In the centers; Services are provided to 60-64 age group, over 65 and disabled citizens, students and teachers.

In accordance with the circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs within the scope of combating the pandemic, after the obligation to define HES Code on electronic cards used in urban public transportation, it became clear that free card holders in İzmir should also obtain İzmirim Cards. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate increases the number of İzmirim Card application centers in order to prevent possible clutter in card centers and to ensure that citizens can easily purchase İzmirim Cards.

In addition to the two card centers in Konak, a new one has been added to the Izmirim Card units in Fahrettin Altay and Bostanlı Pier transfer centers. The fifth İzmirim Card Application Center in the city, İzmir Metro A.Ş. It was opened at the exit of the Ege University Hospital of Bornova Station.

Who are served?

In the card centers, for the first time, students, teachers and citizens of the age group 60-64 who will receive a personalized (with photo) Izmirim Card, as well as those with a disability report of 40% or more, and citizens over the age of 65 are served. Students, teachers, and citizens over the age of 60 and over 65 who will receive a personalized Izmirim Card for the first time, make their first applications to prevent crowding. It is suggested that they do.

Disability reports must be seen

Disabled citizens, on the other hand, need to apply to these centers with a committee report showing that they are 40 percent or more disabled, their identity card and one biometric photograph. The application procedures of disabled citizens under the age of 18 and those with severe mental and physical disabilities can be processed by their parents or guardians. The card units prepare and deliver the photographed Izmirim Cards to the applicants in a few minutes. Citizens with disabilities over the age of 65 get their photo Izmirim Cards "free of charge". Card units will serve for disabled citizens over the age of 65 on weekends until December 31st.

HES codes must be matched

Citizens over 65 and disabled citizens who have issued their Photo Izmirim Cards must match their HES Codes. This process; In addition to the site with the address “”, it can be done at the digital information kiosks of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, subway stations, ferry ports, various service buildings and social facilities. For citizens who cannot perform transactions in digital channels, Bornova, Halkapınar, Çankaya, Konak, Üçyol, Göztepe and Fahrettin Altay metro stations; Airport, ESBAŞ, Sirinyer, Crescent, Halkapınar, Alsancak, Salhane, KarşıyakaAt Demirköprü and Çiğli İZBAN stations; KarşıyakaAt Konak and Bostanlı ferry ports; Activation points were created at Konak Bahri Baba and Fahrettin Altay bus transfer centers. Computerized personnel working here provide face-to-face services to citizens and match HES codes with Izmirim Cards.

Boarding information to the Ministry

With the matching of personalized (with photo) and bearer Izmirim Cards with HES codes, all boarding to public transportation vehicles in the city will be monitored electronically. Boarding information will be shared daily with the Ministry of Health. The Ministry will identify patients or contact persons who are outside while they should be in quarantine and initiate criminal proceedings.

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