No Chance for Covid-19 at Erciyes Ski Center

erciyes ski center took covid measures for the ski season
erciyes ski center took covid measures for the ski season

From December 2020, Erciyes Ski Center will be waiting for its guests for skiing and snowboarding. Ski and snowboard excitement will be a little different this season. Regardless, Erciyes Ski Center, which offers a ski guarantee with 18 state-of-the-art mechanical facilities, 34 different total of 102 km ski slopes and 154 artificial snow machines, will offer you a beautiful, enjoyable and relaxing ski holiday this season.

Health comes first

For months, notably the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism, health professionals, doctors and representatives of the business world, how to safely tourism which is very important for Turkey, they can make recommendations on re-animated. In accordance with the currently valid legal requirements, Erciyes Ski Center management has prepared a comprehensive package of measures aimed at ensuring the health and safety of its valuable guests and employees.

Covid-19 Measures Taken at Erciyes Ski Center

  •  Mechanical facilities, restaurants, ski rental, etc. At the entrances of all facilities, guests are informed by hanging boards on the COVID-19 precautions and rules to be followed. In addition, warnings will be made at ticket sales points and mechanical facilities through the announcement system throughout the day in different languages.
  •  This is the cloth for mouth and nose protection when you buy a ski ticket? will be given. Accordingly, it must be worn in marked areas.
  •  In order to fully comply with social distance rules, distance brackets will be placed in the waiting areas.
  •  Restrictions may be made in cable car cabins and / or chairs according to social distance rules. It was mandatory to wear a mask while using the facilities.
  •  All cabins are periodically disinfected by the personnel.
  •  The disinfectant used is in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health. It cleans 99% of viruses on disinfected surfaces. The disinfectant contains PH neutral and 100% biodegradable substances that do not harm the skin and eyes.
  •  Ski rental areas, first aid stations, WCs and mechanical facilities in Erciyes Ski Center are disinfected in accordance with the directive.
  •  There are sufficient hand sanitizers in mechanical facilities, ski rental locations, restaurants and cafes.
  •  The social distance between the tables in restaurants and cafes has been designed according to the seating arrangement and rules announced by the relevant public institutions and organizations.
  •  A suitable number of guests will be accepted in order to ensure the social distance envisaged in restaurants and cafes.
  •  Menus are digitized to avoid contact.
  •  Music performances in restaurants and cafes will be in the form of background music. Entertainment organizations will take place within the scope of strict security measures and social distance.
  •  Personnel will be subject to the Covid -19 test before the first working day. Personnel who are in contact with the guests will be regularly followed-up tests.
  •  All personnel in contact with guests will be obliged to wear masks. Fever of all employees is measured before they start their shifts.
  •  People with health problems can apply to the health center in our ski center. Staff who have been trained on Covid-19 will help you with guidance.

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