Free Train Ticket for Disabled Citizens from Disabled Confederations

Free Train Ticket for Disabled Citizens from Disabled Confederations
Free Train Ticket for Disabled Citizens from Disabled Confederations

📩 03/11/2020 15:45

Turkey Disabled Association President Yusuf Celebi and Disabled Association Chairman Mustafa self-esteem, "Travel Restriction of Rights of the Disabled" held a joint press release related.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) in a press release issued at the General Directorate on July 12, 2013 6495 Law No. 88th in accordance with Article Family, Labor and Social Services Ministry prepared "Free and Reduced Travel Card Regulation" in accordance with disabilities, veterans and their spouses It was stated that state athletes travel free of charge on trains operated by TCDD General Directorate of Transport.

It was noted that the disabled can buy tickets online since 2015 as a result of the study conducted by TCDD Tasimacilik and said, “In addition, our hearing impaired members can purchase both information and tickets by using video visuals from call centers. Again, with the guidance of our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the practice initiated by the General Directorate of TCDD Transport, orange table service was started to support our disabled members with limited mobility during their travels. "It is appreciated not only by our disabled citizens, but also by our confederations at the stations, stations, trains, organized as disabled friendly, and the assignment of support personnel to use this service."

In the statement, which emphasized that the disabled individuals are provided with freedom of travel, the following was recorded:

“During the epidemic, which deeply affected daily life and social life in our country, as in the whole world, our travels with public transportation were suspended for a while in order to ensure that the disabled people do not touch too much when getting on and off the train. However, in line with the decision taken as a result of the negotiations with our Ministry, as of 19 July 2020, with the removal of the restrictions, it started to travel on trains again. On this occasion, we would like to thank everyone and every segment of society who facilitate the lives of our disabled people, help them get involved in daily life and reach their strengths. In these processes, we will never forget the support of our President, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the institutions of our state. While thanking our state and its institutions, we would like to underline a very important point in particular. We think it is very important that the right to travel without barriers, which is offered to us with the support of our state, is not abused. "

In the statement, it was stated that according to the official information received from TCDD Tasimacilik officials as confederations, it was learned that an insignificant amount of disabled citizens did not get on the train even though they bought one or more tickets, and said, cannot. We, as disabled citizens, must contribute to preventing this, ensuring that our members do not abuse the rights granted by our state, and most importantly, to use limited public resources efficiently. We especially ask our disabled citizens to obey all rules while traveling on trains. In particular, we ask them to be more sensitive when buying tickets, only buy tickets for the train they plan to travel, cancel the tickets of the train they will not take. We shouldn't forget that; Even though we buy tickets, every seat we do not travel is a burden on our state and nation.

For this reason, as we have agreed with the authorities; We would like to announce that those who have the right to free travel by purchasing tickets twice and who do not come to the train will lose their rights by the system for 180 days, and those who make this a habit will not be able to use these rights indefinitely. This regulation covers all persons entitled to free travel. We would like to emphasize this in particular. We would like to express our gratitude to our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, which has always supported the disabled for years and has always been with us with the slogan 'We are here' ”.

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