Elmalı Bus Terminal is Counting Days

elmali bus terminal counts days
elmali bus terminal counts days

The new bus station building built by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality on an area of ​​10 thousand square meters in Elmalı is counting the days. As a modern and useful structure, the new terminal building will provide citizens with a comfortable travel experience.

The Elmalı Bus Terminal Project, where works started in September 2019, has come to an end with the instruction of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Böcek. The Elmalı Bus Terminal, planned with a modern and environmentally friendly approach suitable for passenger transport capacity, will serve in its new location near the State Hospital.


In the construction of Elmalı Bus Terminal, which is being constructed by the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, 95 percent has passed. The manufacturing works of the reinforced concrete and exterior paint and cladding of the building have been completed. Fine works such as suspended ceiling, electrical and mechanical fabrications in the building have reached the stage of completion. The landscaping of the bus station continues.


Elmalı Mayor Halil Öztürk also examined the new bus terminal, which has risen in accordance with the aesthetics of the city. Elmalı Mayor Halil Öztürk, who received information about the works, said, “The new bus terminal to be put into service of our citizens will be brought to our district. kazanWe would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin Insect, who contributed greatly to the


8 bus platforms, ticket sales offices, semi-open and closed waiting areas, masjid, shelter, PTT, restaurant, commercial shops, police, police and administrative offices, personnel rooms, technical rooms and It has an open car park. The new terminal will serve the townspeople and tourism with these equipment.

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