Ekrem İmamoğlu: The number of deaths in Istanbul yesterday is 186! Should I be thirsty or swallow?

ekrem imamoglu number of deaths in Istanbul yesterday, shall I be silent or swallow?
ekrem imamoglu number of deaths in Istanbul yesterday, shall I be silent or swallow?

📩 23/11/2020 11:37

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlustarted his Monday shift at Gürpınar Aquaculture Market before daylight. Meeting with the fishermen tradesmen and listening to their problems, İmamoğlu encountered the reproach of a tradesman saying, "Some municipalities allow tradesmen who have markets in two places on the same day to make one of them open and the other not." Replying to the shopkeepers, “If they are making a narrowing down of the pandemic, I respect every precaution taken regarding the pandemic,” İmamoğlu shared information about the deaths caused by “communicable diseases” in Istanbul. İmamoğlu said, “My tongue has no bones in this matter. I have to talk. Last night, the number of deaths in Istanbul from contagious disease was 186. So what should I do now; Should I shut up or swallow? I couldn't sleep at night," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlustarted its work on the first day of the week at Gürpınar Aquaculture Market before daylight. Mayor of Beylikdüzü Mehmet Murat Çalık, ISYÖN A.Ş. General Manager Hamdi Arpa and Istanbul Fisheries Commissioners Association (İSKOMDER) President Mahmut Uçan accompanied him. İmamoğlu, who was greeted with applause by the fishermen, emphasized that they do not own property as the IMM President and administrators. Saying, "We are people who serve you," İmamoğlu said:


“You are the owner of the property. The owner of the property is from Istanbul. In our understanding, there is no domination; There is no 'You will do this, you will do this' Our understanding is to find the best together. This is not for here, but for every subject of Istanbul. The other way around is not true. When you vote, it doesn't matter who you vote for. Are you choosing a property owner? No. You elect a mayor to represent you well. Our Mayor of Beylikdüzü is here, and we are here; we were chosen. To me, I sit in the world's most sacred seat. Very sacred, very precious. Our understanding of service, or some decisions we will bring to you while doing your work, is the way you feel, your troubles and thoughts are listened to, and a common decision-making style. This is our working method, our system. "


Emphasizing that we have had tough times due to the pandemic, İmamoğlu addressed the fishermen and said, “I know the troubles of my fisherman a little. Our fishermen want that; May the season be like the season, and collect the abundance from the sea. But let's not forget that some things are changing in the world. Weather is warming. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges in the world. Therefore, we will not play with the balance of nature much. In fact, we will protect nature. Each of you must be in love with the sea. Why? Because your bread is from the sea. It is not easy to extract bread from the sea. When you say 'You have to fall in love with the sea', you, as people who take their bread out of stone, will not allow and should not allow whatever element will harm your bread. You will protect the sea. You will protect the air, the water. You will fight with those who pollute. You will fight together, ”he warned.


Imamoglu answered the questions of the tradesmen after his speech. Imamoglu responded to the reproach of the tradesman Serdar Can, saying, "Some municipalities make one open to shopkeepers who have markets in two places on the same day, not one" with the question "I wonder if it is about the pandemic". While Can answered this question, "I think it is about the pandemic", another shopkeeper claimed that the issue was not about the pandemic, but about the lack of police. Speaking again, İmamoğlu said, “If they are making a narrowing about the pandemic, I respect every measure taken regarding the pandemic; let me be clear. You also respect that. My tongue has no bone in this regard. Because if I don't speak, what will I do? I have to speak. Last night, the number of deaths in Istanbul from infectious diseases, 186. So what should I do now; Shall I be thirsty or swallow? I could not sleep at night. Our burial count is marching towards the 450s. So we cannot train. Our burial is normal in November, May God have mercy; I wish mercy on all our dead - 202, 190, 180 people in Istanbul. It is currently going towards 450. We are in such a difficult situation. Know this. But when you say this, if there is another subject, please convey it to the district. Let's talk to those districts. But if it is a pandemic, God bless you all. I have too. I also had that disease. Therefore, I would like no household to have that disease. Please also be careful ”he said.


İmamoğlu told the problems expressed by the tradesmen about the market places, “Of the 462 neighborhood markets in Istanbul, only 6-7 are under our jurisdiction. We do not have any authority in other markets. If there are elements that bother you, let us know and we will forward them to the relevant presidents ”. Stating that they do not intend to open a market everywhere, İmamoğlu said, “As IMM, we want to open a market because we want to contribute to the system by opening exemplary markets and with exemplary applications. We work with my friends like that. We would like to provide an opportunity to sell some products produced there, especially in Istanbul. In that context, we will continue to open a market, ”he said. İmamoğlu was presented with a plaque by İSKOMDER President Uçan for his contribution to the solution of the problems of shopkeepers.

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