Registration Amnesty Should Be Taken For Economic and Social Benefit

Registration amnesty should be made for economic and social benefit
Registration amnesty should be made for economic and social benefit

Researcher and Lawyer Murat Demir said, "There are approximately 18.9 million live records in the Criminal Records Information Bank, 7 million people in the bank registry are blacklisted," Registry Amnesty "should be the first article of the reform of the Economy and Judiciary.

Researcher and Lawyer Murat Demir, who made important evaluations about the new Economy and Judicial reform, which was announced to be made, said, "The top priority issue of the economic and judicial reform should be 'Registry Amnesty'.

'Registration Amnesty' should be issued for economic and social benefit '

Researchers and Jurists Murat Demir, All Turkey criminal courts in general, law courts and administrative lawsuits in court enforcement proceedings that were made in the executive office, after completing his sentence entered prosecution file number and the prison number of people separated from their prisons, these people avoid it, go to apply for a job because of the criminal record He returns empty-handed from many places and cannot find a job due to the employers' negative, hurtful and disregarding attitudes and behaviors as a result of an incident that he experienced in the past almost stigmatizes him and the employers are exposed to negative, hurtful and disregarding attitudes and behaviors. We can say that criminal record amnesty has both economic and public benefits.

'A new page should be opened with' Registration Amnesty 'for people with a criminal record over 7 million'

Researcher and Lawyer Murat Demir, 25.11.2020 Looking at the official judicial statistics, there are 2.067.558 files in the Criminal Court, 1.729.557 files in the Civil Courts and 526.867 files in the Administrative Judiciary. In Turkey in the year 2011 7 106 to 100 000 the number of suspects in person, the year of 2018 increased by 23,2% reached in 8. The total number of real person suspects, which was 758 2018 13 in the investigation phase of 019, constituted 166% of the adult population (66 551 604). Number of suspects in 19,6, TURKEY (2018-2011) 2018- 2011 8 108, 469- 2012, 8 520-, 113- 2013 9 210- 672 2014 9- 745 759,2015 10- 141 366,2016 10, 459-693,2017 11 833 persons in 926 2018 is 13 019 166 of the total number of defendants in the criminal courts, 2018% of which are real persons and 2018% are legal persons. see that live recording is available. Considering that there may be an increase in crime rates as a result of the economic difficulties experienced in this process where the Covid-4 virus changed the world, one-time registration amnesty should be considered for social welfare in order to contribute to economic stability and to reduce the file burden in the Judiciary, and in the registry law, regulations regarding criminal and restricted rights It would be for the benefit of the whole society.

'The Criminal Records Law Should Be Updated!'

Investigator and Lawyer Murat Demir said, 'Regardless of whether one year or 10 years is penalized in the current criminal record law,' With the article 76 of the Constitution, from the date that the conditions for the record to be archived in terms of convictions that cause a deprivation of rights in laws other than the Turkish Penal Code; 15 years have passed on the condition that the decision to return the prohibited rights is taken, 30 years have passed without the condition of taking the decision to return the prohibited rights, In terms of other convictions, the record is completely deleted after 5 years from the date when the conditions for the archive are established. An individual who has been sentenced will contribute to the adaptation of the criminal record (people with criminal records among the public) to the society, in the event that the criminal record is limited for many years after completing his sentence, in case of updating according to today's conditions, Since the employment situation of those who have completed their sentences who cannot find a job with support will increase, a great support will be provided to the economy. "Updating the criminal record law should be a priority in the economic and judicial reform regulations, taking into account today's conditions."

'7 million people on the black list' Registry Amnesty 'need for economy'

Researchers and Jurists Murat Demir, according to Turkey Banks Union Risk Center 2015-2020 data, 5 years and payment of the total Personal Loan Debt in real Sleeps 2020-9 months 56987 4.115.057 total 2020 people person, Retail Credit Card Debt was Payments Actual Number of Persons 9 -48153 months 4.511.179 a total of 6.832.735 people, the Number of Individual Loans or Individual Credit Card Debts Unpaid, 3 people.A large number of people lost their jobs or their income decreased due to the restrictions applied against the coronavirus epidemic. In addition, 575 million 9 thousand XNUMX employees benefited from the short work allowance applied by the government to prevent loss of employment within the scope of Short Work Allowance. Considering that the number of people to be blacklisted will increase as long as the uncertainty of when the coronavirus will end, changes in the blacklisting legislation and registration amnesty have turned into a need for the blocked economic picture. In this difficult process that the world is going through, first of all, a clean page should be opened to the citizen with the criminal record and the bank registration law, and there is a need to rearrange the registry laws for economic stability and social relaxation.

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