EGİADDevelopments in Education and Branding Discussed at the Last Meeting

In the last meeting of egiadin, branding tips were discussed in education
In the last meeting of egiadin, branding tips were discussed in education

Bringing young business people together with Izmir's important brands EGİAD Aegean Young Business People Association hosted Izmir Turkish College General Manager Yiğit Tatış, one of the leading institutions in education, at its last brand meeting. During the pandemic process, there was great interest in the event, where developments in education and branding were discussed, which deeply affected all segments of society as well as health.

The event that reveals the dynamics of the transformation in the education world with more than 80 participants EGİAD It started with the opening speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mustafa Aslan. Stating that the brand has become an indispensable condition for trade today. EGİAD President Aslan said, “Brands can live longer than companies, as long as companies survive, and products can be out of use and disappear after a while. Here in the long run kazanCompanies that want to make a living and maintain their presence in the market therefore invest in their brands and try to become a brand. This is really a long-term process. Those who invest today and expect results tomorrow may be disappointed. In this process, only those who can act long-term kazancan,” he said. Reminding that branding, which is valid for all sectors, is also valid for the education sector. EGİAD President Mustafa Aslan said, “In today's conditions of intense competition and awareness of the societies, the student must have a justified reason for purchasing educational services and choosing the school. He should identify the educational institution with himself, associate it with his lifestyle, and feel good when he makes the purchase of the service. Last 10-15 years a number of educational institutions in Turkey has entered the branding process. Some have begun to make themselves felt as a strong brand. The only solution of all private educational institutions that want to survive and show continuity in this process is to brand and provide quality service. Because quality is used as the key to individual and corporate success today, ”he said.

Need Multiphasic Education in Turkey

Expressing that being a brand in education is much more difficult than being a brand in production EGİAD Its president, Mustafa Aslan, said, “If we give our share; How we care about our own children, how we care about every detail. The educational institution opposite us is in this perspective and has to deal with thousands of extraordinarily sensitive people. Education is a sector that includes many dynamics. It is also necessary to be very careful while making changes. This is the biggest risk of education. Since its output is too late, the planning of the change should also be done very properly. In Turkey, we need a multi-faceted education. Academic success is a must, a must. What the school can put on him is important. In preparing the child for life, it is important what the school can put on top of the academic success ”.

Branding Tips in Education

the first private school established except for the foundations Turkey DTC Izmir Turkish College, 3rd generation management by voicing found to have a history of over 70 years, the General Manager Yigit Tatis, began his speech by transferring the mission and story of foundation process. Touching on the importance of corporate culture and institutionalization, Tatış stated that for a good branding, the insightful structure that protects this structure should be transferred to the employees. Expressing that Atatürk's principles are an important line for them, Yiğit Tatış emphasized that they have a purpose within the framework of social service, not just a school brand. Noting that the success of its graduates is an important indicator for them, Tatış continued his words as follows: “We have created a brand with the seeds of value our founder has thrown, his insight, the importance he attaches to the youth, ethical values, diligence and honesty understanding, and our perspective on our education system. Our alumni association functions as one of the most beautiful supervisory institutions that enable us to stay out of our line. We want this aspect to be strong as well. Every brand has its responsibility. Brand owner must bear moral responsibility. However, the future of such brands can be permanent. "

Pandemic Process Enables Technology-Based Education

Evaluating the educational conditions during the pandemic process, İTK İzmir Turkish College General Manager Yiğit Tatış emphasized that secondary education and higher education should be evaluated differently, and said, “High school was already about to switch to technology-based education and should have passed. This process opened the vision of universities. In secondary education, face-to-face education is needed within the scope of developing social skills. Thanks to technology, academic education can be provided. But it is difficult to support psychological development from afar. Thanks to technology, children will get through this process with very little losses. However, for this process, it may be possible for children to fall behind in public schools compared to private schools. If flexible studies are carried out, the situation may change for public schools as well. The education sector, with its traditional and resilient structure, had not fully penetrated the technology until today. We can say that Covid has made such a contribution to this sector. We have seen the benefits of educational technologies. At the same time, we witnessed from our homes how difficult the teaching profession is. This process restores the dignity of the profession. kazanIt was also important in terms of climbing. The most important step for the development of a country is to eliminate educational inequality.

Investment Cooperation from Izmir Turkish College and Startupfon

Reminding that İzmir Turkish College and Tatış Holding cooperated with Startupfon, the early stage investment platform, and launched the İTK Ventures brand upon a question, Tatış said that İTK Ventures aims to support entrepreneurs operating in the field of educational technologies. Tatış said, “Within the scope of the cooperation, educational technology initiatives will be able to apply to the program, and the selected enterprises will be supported by both institutions in terms of investment, network, experience transfer and scaling. "Any initiative that contributes to the development of people's knowledge and skills is of interest to İTK Ventures."

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