EGİAD Turkey Brand of Dimes Welcomed

EGIAD be accommodated say turkey brand
EGIAD be accommodated say turkey brand

Bringing the business world together with the concept of brand with the serial seminars it organizes, leading to increase and strengthen the value of the products by branding EGİAD People Aegean Young Businessmen Association of Turkey's domestic capital first hosted the leading fruit juice and beverage brand of dimes.

DİMES 'General Manager Ozan Diren and Marketing Director Duygu Süleymanoğlu, who achieved great success in the award programs of the advertising and marketing world with their communication efforts that use different disciplines together, shared the success and branding processes of the brand with young business people.

Branding Series Meetings, one of the most important projects of the 15th period, hosts many new ideas by hosting prominent names of the sectors and expert speakers. Having held many branding meetings so far EGİADDimes, one of the most important Turkish brands, which has achieved great success in the export of beverages and fast-moving consumer products, brought together its members at the online meeting.

Making the opening speech of the meeting EGİAD Mustafa Aslan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that branding is at least as important as these numbers in the days when corporations are discussing profit, turnover and export figures and said, “One of the most important problems of our country, especially in terms of value creation, is that branding activities cannot turn into a general understanding. One of the important reasons for this is that businesses think that branding and branding is about getting patents and creating a logo. In order to become a brand, it is necessary to prepare a road map by paying attention to the elements that will fill the brand. Pointing out that İzmir has managed to become a brand among cities with its quality of life in recent years, Aslan said, “I find it useful to emphasize the efforts of the companies operating in our city to show themselves by acting with this responsibility. With the export-driven model to ensure sustainable growth in Turkey's economy, branding it is of utmost importance. The pandemic process has also increased the importance of this requirement. When we look at the essence of our brand-related work with a member center, the biggest goal is EGİAD "It is the encouragement of its members to create a brand, opening up to the international market with high value-added products and supporting them consistently in this journey."

Ozan Diren, General Manager of DİMES, pointed out that companies are the perception of the society and emphasized that companies that come out of the family's hegemony can institutionalize and become a brand. “When companies become more famous than the family's reputation, they achieve success. Branding requires differentiation and innovation. "It is important what you produce according to the needs and requirements of the day, and when you include innovation in this, you achieve success in branding."

DİMES Marketing Director Duygu Süleymanoğlu shared the branding process by stating that they act with the slogan 'Look Another Life'. Speaking about the advertising and marketing strategy of Dimes with its foundation story, Süleymanoğlu emphasized that a story about the brand should be created after determining the target audience.

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