E-commerce Companies Exempt From Tax As Of January 1st

Those who do e-commerce are exempt from tax as of January
Those who do e-commerce are exempt from tax as of January

Tax exemption for sales on the Internet With the regulation published in the Official Gazette, those who sell their products online will be exempted from income tax. Those who do e-commerce without using industrial or mass production machines and tools without having a workplace will be evaluated within the scope of tax exemption. The tax exemption will be implemented as of January 1, 2021.

2 percent for the employee, 4 percent for the unemployed

In order to benefit from the tax exemption, it is necessary to obtain a tax-exempt tradesman certificate, to open a commercial account, to collect all revenue especially through this account, and the revenue amount must not exceed 220 thousand TL. Banks will apply 4 percent income tax deduction to those who have no employees as of the date of transfer over the amount transferred to the accounts. For those who work, 2 percent income tax will be taken as basis.

Digital marketing synonymous with revenue growth

Evaluating the tax exemption provided to e-commerce companies, EG Information Technologies CEO Gökhan Bülbül said, “E-commerce, which emerged as a part of the technological developments that facilitated trade after the 2000s, has become an indispensable source of income for millions of people today. With the social media being seen as a business area, the field of e-commerce has expanded much more. The tax exemption in e-commerce with the law on changes in tax laws offers great advantages to those who do e-commerce and those who want to do so. As EG Bilişim Teknolojileri, we also support those who do e-commerce and those who want to bring their products to their customers over the internet. With effective digital marketing strategies, we ensure that e-commerce users can reach their target audiences and contact potential customers on time and on the right media. We contribute to the increase of sales rates by increasing their visibility on Google with the advertising campaigns we have created for each of our business partners. " said.

50 percent tax exemption for exporters

50% of the sales made with e-commerce customs declaration abroad. kazanThree exceptions will apply. In terms of weight and amount, exports of goods made with electronic commerce customs declaration issued by the Postal Administration or companies engaged in fast cargo transportation are included in the scope of exports. Revenues obtained within the scope of service export such as software, design and projects are not included in the scope of the regulation.

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