Stopped Train Expeditions Directed People to Travel by Bus

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Due to the Covid-2019 epidemic, which has affected the whole world since the last months of 19, living conditions have inevitably changed. With the aim of increasing measures and adaptation to the pandemic, the health sector was the most affected, while other working areas, trade centers, educational institutions, restaurants, cafes and ultimately the transportation sector were unfortunately affected by this process. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, distance rules between people come to the fore, while travel restrictions inevitably force living conditions. Those who travel regularly were most affected by these restrictions. While almost all transportation vehicles continue their activities within the framework of precautions, the suspension of train services deeply affected the passengers who use the train journey regularly.

Online bus ticket sales website I turkiyeotobusfirmalari.coAccording to the research made by, the train services stopped due to the pandemic forced the people who had to use the railway transportation frequently in their daily life to take the bus journey. For those living in neighboring provinces and districts, those who travel by train for business, educational or personal reasons have suffered greatly in this situation. In addition, as a result of the research conducted by the site, the tradesmen in the regions where the train stations are located were also in economic difficulties, as they were negatively affected by the current situation.

Tradesmen and business owners who have been interviewed and consulted on the subject want regional and urban rail transportation to be carried out, albeit by observing the distance rules. Among the citizens who say that it is better to take advantage of train services to travel from the district to the district, in terms of both time and economy, those who argue that if measures such as online ticket sales, distance seating, reducing the number of wagons and hygiene requirements are taken, railway transportation is possible as before.

However, as the train services stopped, people turned to bus travel and the demand for bus tickets increased. With additional studies and strict measures taken by bus travel companies to meet the current demand, it is also possible to safely reach the places you want to travel by bus, thanks to applications such as online ticket sales, vehicle tracking systems, distance seat application, HES code and mask requirement.

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