Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area Is Reborn

dr behcet uz recreation area reborn
dr behcet uz recreation area reborn

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area continues its renovation works. The area, which will come into service with its renewed face in 2021, is becoming the new attraction center of the city with its viewing terraces, football field in FIFA standards, sports, entertainment and recreation areas suitable for all age groups.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which creates parks and recreation areas that will give the citizens a breath of fresh air with the green space arrangements it has implemented, Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area has reached the level of 50 percent in the renovation works. It will be the new attraction center of the city with its 180 thousand square meter recreation area, terrace where the people of Izmir can watch the city, children's playground, sports activities and resting areas. In the Recreation Area, there will be a FIFA standard football field and a 500-person tribune, a 450-meter-long running track and bicycle tracks, a traffic training park for children, playgrounds, sports and picnic areas. Closed entrances will be reactivated and a connection will be established with the Gültepe neighborhood in the south of the area. New functions on the terraces with sports equipment kazanwill be raised. Existing structural areas will also be enriched with urban equipment and transformed into a viewing terrace. There will be a grass area for events to be held in the park. The 600 square meter children's playground will be equipped with a new generation of children's playgrounds such as slides and climbing. Dr. The renovation works in the Behçet Uz Recreation Area will be completed by the end of 2021 and will cost 17.3 million liras.

Trees protected

In the renovation project, 3 thousand 150 trees in the area were preserved and space was allocated for 496 new trees. Water conservation was planned with xerophyte landscaping plants on large green areas. Since most of the structural units are located in the water protection basin, they are designed as mobile. In the recreation area, 3.5 kilometers of rainwater line, 2.1 kilometers of reinforced concrete wall fabrication, road excavations, lighting infrastructure, water tank, grandstand building rough construction, concrete works of the terraces have been completed. Soil laying, stone laying and concreting of the roads continue. The site was opened in 2003 by the mayor of the time, Ahmet Piriştina.

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