Istanbul Airport Receives the Best of Europe Award in Digital Transformation

Istanbul Airport received the award for the best in Europe in digital conversion
Istanbul Airport received the award for the best in Europe in digital conversion

Standing out with its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, superior technology and high-level travel experience as well as its 'smart airport' concept, Istanbul Airport is also known as "Europe in Digital Transformation" within the scope of the "16th ACI Europe Awards" organized by the International Airports Council (ACI). 'Best Airport' award.

Turkey's gateway to the world Istanbul Airport, yet as a result of integrating the design phase all processes of digitalization and technology every point of the airport, Airports Council International (ACI) organized by the "16th ACI Europe Awards" Digital Transformation under the ((Best European Airport Award - for digital IGA Istanbul Airport was presented its award at the 17th ACI Europe Awards on Tuesday, November 2020, 16 in Brussels, Belgium.

Istanbul Airport, the leader of digitalization ...

Istanbul airport in Turkey's most intelligent location Airport, as well as mobility axis of standard airport services offered to passengers, is distinguished by innovative technological services. Istanbul Airport in the e-passport already provided to the passengers, intelligent translation services, mobile applications, smart parking, 5G, intelligent security, with important services such as digital intelligent robot, Turkey on behalf of 'technology value' is produced.

"We put digitalization and technology at the center of Istanbul Airport"

Kadri Samsunlu, Chairman and General Manager of IGA Airport Operations, made evaluations on the award of Istanbul Airport's Best Airport in Europe in the digital transformation branch; “First of all, I would like to emphasize that; The most important demand of our passengers from us is to experience digital travel… We have placed digitalization and technology at the heart of Istanbul Airport since the first day, taking this demand into consideration. In this direction, we are able to offer our passengers a unique digital travel experience at Istanbul Airport thanks to the smart solutions we offer, matching the vision of SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) and benefiting from the wide range of technology. In the near future, our main goal is to increase our speed in digital integration and move airport operations to the point of 'technological management'. The first step of this process will be the digital wallet application. This application will be followed by a commercial platform called Ist-buy. We can call this platform the 'marketplace' of the airport. All of our stores within our airport will have the opportunity to market their products here. The most ambitious technological application planned to be implemented in 6 months at Istanbul Airport will be biometry, that is, the opportunity to travel and shop with face data. With the application, the passenger's ticket, passport and digital biometric data will be matched over the Istanbul Airport mobile application. In addition, on the way we set off with the concept of "Smart Airport", artificial intelligence supported smart sohbet system project, we will provide our passengers with instant notifications at our airport and 7/24 support. Since the first day, we have aimed to continuously increase efficiency by using artificial intelligence at every point of our business processes. With the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, we have also implemented tracking mechanisms at our airport. As a smart, sustainable and people-oriented airport, I sincerely believe that success is primarily through passenger satisfaction. To make this satisfaction sustainable is to use the opportunities offered by the digital world beyond our imagination from time to time, and to use them correctly and effectively. The fact that we were deemed worthy of the 'Digital Transformation Award' within the scope of the "16th ACI Europe Awards" program organized by the Airports Council International (ACI) has been a concrete proof and an exciting indicator that we are on the right track while walking towards our goals. As IGA, we will continue our efforts to make Istanbul Airport a pioneer and an example to the world with its 'Smart Airport' concept, where we have built its digital infrastructure with the most advanced technologies at the design stage. " used the expressions.

"We have always believed in the power of digital transformation"

Ersin İnankul, Deputy General Manager of Digital Services and Trade at İGA Airport Operations; “Despite being a young airport in such a challenging category in which international airports compete, he is very happy to be selected as the 'Best in Europe'. We are proud and excited to have brought such a meaningful award to our country. We have always believed in the power of digital transformation. By designing a smart airport, we approached with a strategy that will adapt to technological changes in the fastest way, and be a pioneer of digital transformation. We aimed to continuously increase efficiency by using artificial intelligence at every point of our business processes. We can perform density control in the check-in area, toilets and places of worship through artificial intelligence. With the sensors, we can see how busy there is in the airport, and we can manage the team and resource accordingly. We carried our airport to the highest level in terms of technology with record level equipment. As a result, we reached out to this award, which proved that we are the best in Europe in the field of digital transformation, and we are proud. " He spoke in the form.


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