We Commemorate Behiç Erkin, the Father of Railways, on the 59th Anniversary of His Death With Respect and Mercy

we commemorate the father of the railways, behic's power, with respect and mercy
we commemorate the father of the railways, behic's power, with respect and mercy

We commemorate Mr. Behiç Erkin, who was one of the most important heroes of our War of Independence with his courage and sacrifice, and who made a great effort for our country to be knitted with iron bars, "Father of Railways", on the 59th anniversary of his death with respect and mercy.

Who is Behiç Erkin?

He received the revision and enabled the railways to be operated in the army service. During the First World War, he published his book 'History, Use and Organization of the Railways from the Military Perspective' in which he conveyed his experiences in establishing and operating the railway.

After the occupation of Istanbul by the Allied Powers on March 16, 1920, he moved to Anatolia when he was sought by the British. When Bahiç Bey reached Ankara on July 5, 1920 to join the National Forces, he was holding the rank of Erkanharp Miralay (Staff Colonel). Received the second presidency offer from its President İsmet Bey (İnönü). Within a few days, another offer was made to him by the Deputy of Nafia (Minister of Public Works) İsmail Fazıl Pasha. The Directorate of Anatolian Şimdendifer Company. gave.

Founder of Modern Railways

Behiç Bey successfully continued this task, which he started on July 16, 1920. The company became the first founder of modern railways in our country by providing a railway operation at the level of railways at the level of the most progressive countries.

Behiç Bey 14, who was a full-fledged organizer and statesman, was elected to the Ministry of Public Works in January 1926.

Behiç Erkin, who died on November 11, 1961, devised his first General Manager to be buried in the triangle at the Eskişehir (Inventory) station, where the Ankara lines of Izmir, where he met.

Behiç Erkin can be written about;

  • The person performing the logistics of the Çanakkale War
  • Having successfully completed the logistics of our War of Independence, which Mustafa Kemal said to him, "If you succeed in carrying the army to the front, I know very well what to do at the front,"
  • Instructing foreigners who say that no Turkish can run railways,
  • Ensuring the nationalization of those who want to return the railways to foreign enterprises after the War of Independence,
  • Signed another first by translating both the operating language of railways and the courses of ITU in Turkish,
  • the first time that the Republic of Turkey to decentralization and ITU '^ y of decentralization that,
  • establishing the first public museum in the Republic of Turkey,
  • establishing the school first railroads in the Republic of Turkey,
  • One of the 13 founding signatures, along with Atatürk, the intellectual father of our national intelligence agency,
  • TCDD's first General Manager, father of railways,
  • One of the first deputies of TBMM and First Minister of Public Works,
  • We can say that during the Embassy in France, Nazi Germany and his partner rescued 20 thousand Turkish Citizens from the Jewish genocide of France with great genius of diplomacy.

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