Covid-19 Vaccine Studies Opened to Citizens Participation

Covid vaccine works opened to citizens
Covid vaccine works opened to citizens

Phase-19 studies of the Covid-3 vaccine were opened to the participation of citizens. The statement made by the Ministry of Health is as follows: “The Chinese origin Covid-15 vaccine, which started Phase 3 studies in our country on September 19, is starting to be applied on voluntary citizens after healthcare workers. Citizens aged 18-59 who have not had Covid-19 before, or by calling 0850 811 18 80.

Covidien-19 vaccine applications continues at 12 centers in 25 cities in Turkey. The vaccine, which was first introduced on high-risk healthcare workers, has been administered on 726 volunteer healthcare workers to date, and 1237 doses of vaccine have been administered. Since the safety data of the applications in the healthcare professionals group were evaluated positively, the applications were opened to normal risky citizens. Interim evaluation reports are prepared for every 500 volunteers in the ongoing stages of vaccination.

According to the interim safety report prepared with 6 people on November 518, it was determined that the vaccine had no significant side effects. The most common side effects were reported as fatigue (7,5%), headache (3,5%), muscle pain (3%), fever (3%) and injection site pain (2,5%). The independent data monitoring committee stated that it had no reservations about the safety of the vaccine in its evaluation of the interim safety report with the available data. Vaccination continues in two stages: high risk healthcare workers and normal risk volunteers.

Covid-19 vaccine is planned to be applied on 12 thousand 450 volunteers in total. In the vaccine study, some of the volunteers are given the actual vaccine and the other part is given a placebo. This method is randomly determined by the computer program and the research team does not know what was done to which volunteer. In the trials to be carried out on volunteer citizens, 3 out of every 2 people will be given a real vaccine. In this way, the difference in effect between the real vaccine and the non-vaccine will be revealed. At the end of the study, all volunteers in the placebo arm will be invited back to the centers and actual vaccination will be administered. "

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