Comprehensive Activity for Traffic and Pedestrian Safety in Mersin

comprehensive activity for traffic and pedestrian safety in Mersin
comprehensive activity for traffic and pedestrian safety in Mersin

Under the leadership of Ersan Topçuoğlu, Head of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, efforts are underway to ensure the maximum level of traffic and pedestrian safety in the city. Metropolitan teams are carrying out comprehensive studies on the streets and streets to make the worn and erased road lines visible.

Since 2019, which was declared as the "Pedestrian Priority Year" with the slogan "Priority is Life, Priority is Pedestrian", the Metropolitan Municipality has been continuing its activities in other districts as well as central districts, giving priority to pedestrian and traffic safety.

Work was carried out in dozens of points in Tarsus

The teams affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department's Traffic Services Branch Directorate made drawings in order to ensure the safe flow of traffic with thermoplastic and yellow cold road line on Tarsus center and many affiliated neighborhoods.

Within the scope of the works, the pedestrian crossing lines are made with double component paint. Glass powder is sprinkled over the completed lines to clarify them. In this way, the lines gain a striking appearance both at night and during the day. In this way, drivers are provided to drive safely.

Metropolitan teams, who have drawn approximately 30 kilometers of roads on dozens of boulevards and avenues in Tarsus, especially the central roads such as Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan Avenue, Kasım Ekenler Boulevard, Blue Boulevard, Gazi Paşa Boulevard, Atatürk Street, Ali Menteşoğlu Avenue, Adana Street, Tarsus and Çamlıyayla He applied a double-component pedestrian crossing drawing on the bow crossings in front of 62 schools in total.

Metropolitan teams, working on the arrangement of 10 school crossings and pedestrian crossings in Çamlıyayla and 91 in Tarsus, installed 430 pieces of delineators without base, 750 pieces of plates and 560 pieces of omega poles.

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