Exports of Tesla Model 3 Cars Made in China to Europe Started

Exports of teslas produced in gin to europe started
Exports of teslas produced in gin to europe started

The first European delivery of Tesla Model 3 cars produced at Tesla's 'gigafactory' facilities in China was made. Thus, the first export of vehicles sold only in China has been realized.

The ship, carrying the Chinese-made Tesla Model 3 cars to be sold in the European market, arrived at the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium the day before after a month-long journey. Zeebrugge Port Vice President Vincent De Saedeleer, which has a wide road and rail connection network throughout Europe, stated that the workload of the port has shrunk due to the pandemic, and said that the transport connections between Europe and Asia are fully loaded.

The 7 vehicles, which make up the first batch of 3 sedans to be exported to Europe by the end of this year, will be sent from Zeebrugge Port to Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. Tesla Vice President Tao Lin told Xinhua that the factory was operating at full capacity, stating that China managed to overcome the pandemic and got ahead in economic recovery.

The Shanghai factory produced more than 21.6 vehicles at the end of September, worth over 3.3 billion yuan ($ 85 billion). The value of the vehicles and batteries exported from the facility is estimated to reach 450 million dollars within a year.

Source: China International Radio

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