Büyükkılıç Has Troubles Not Matching Public Transport Card HES Code

Bigukkilic public transport card has trouble with not matching account code
Bigukkilic public transport card has trouble with not matching account code

Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç, stating that HES code should be matched to public transportation cards in transportation, said, “1 million 35 thousand cards are defined in our transportation system. Of the 845 thousand people who currently use public transportation and show mobility on their cards, only 35 thousand personalized their cards by defining their HES code. “Let our citizens personalize their cards, not be a victim”.

Mayor Büyükkılıç, in his statement, reminded that the municipality has mobilized all its means in combating the pandemic, and opened a special bracket to the issue of public transportation.

Since the beginning of the pandemic process of rail vehicles, buses and stops the President noted that they perform in a continuous manner disinfectant Büyükkılıç, together with the increasing number of cases public health was somehow expressed for 1 month to receive standing passengers will be an exemplary approach to Turkey holds in front of everything.

Stating that they are carrying out a comprehensive technical infrastructure work to activate the HEPP code application, which is essential for the detection of citizens who go out while they should be in quarantine, in public transportation, Mayor Büyükkılıç said,  I www.kayseriulasim.co 'Public Transport Card-HES Code' must be matched until November 15, ”he said.


Stating that the 'HES code' warning about public transportation was made last week, but it was still determined that many citizens' public transport cards did not match the HES code, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç once again warned. Mayor Büyükkılıç said, “Out of 1 million 35 thousand cards, 2019 thousand cards were detected between January 2020 and January 845. 845 thousand cards out of 35 thousand cards have been matched with their HES codes. 815 thousand cards are still not matched. Until 15 November, if the cards are not personalized, they will definitely not be able to be used in public transport. I am calling out to my countrymen; "Personalize it, don't be a victim," he said.

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