13 Billion Lira Additional Resources Allocated to Bursa's High Speed ​​Train and Metro Projects

Billion lira of additional funds allocated to the high speed train and metro projects of the scholar
Billion lira of additional funds allocated to the high speed train and metro projects of the scholar

AK Party Bursa Deputy and TBMM Plan and Budget Commission Member Ahmet Kılıç, who attended the Board of Directors meeting of the Balkan Rumelia Industrialists and Business People Association (BALKANTÜRKSİAD), announced that an additional resource of 2021 billion liras was allocated in the 13 budget for Bursa's transportation projects. Vekil Kılıç said, "The high-speed train and metro line works that will provide ease of access to Bursa City Hospital will continue uninterruptedly."

"An important share was allocated to Bursa in the 2021 Budget"

Providing information about his work in the TBMM Plan and Budget Committee, Vekil Kılıç said that the 2021 budget had significant shares for Bursa.

Kılıç said, “We also continue our work intensely. The 2021 budget of our country increased from 22.9 trillion 1 billion TL to 95,5 trillion 1 billion TL with an increase of 346,1 percent according to the budget law of the previous year. A good budget has been created for the modern world goals, from education to health, from internal affairs to national defense, from trade to technology. Important shares were also allocated to Bursa in the 2021 budget. The driving force of Turkey Bursa production capacity and the potential for further increases in every area. We strive for Bursa to benefit from the investments of our state at the highest level. We hope that in 2021, we will reach the levels before the epidemic in terms of economic activities. "

13 billion lira additional resource for Bursa's Transportation

Regarding the transportation projects of Bursa, Vekil Kılıç said, “106 billion lira was allocated in the 2021 budget for the 11 km remaining for high speed train works. Works will continue uninterruptedly, in the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we will be able to travel from Bursa to Ankara by high-speed train in 2023. In addition, we received an additional budget of 2 billion lira for the metro line that will provide easy access to Bursa City Hospital. This project will be implemented in a period of 2 years. We received an additional support of 2021 billion lira in total in the 13 budget for Bursa. We would like to thank our Minister of Transport for their support in this regard ”.

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