Hygiene Mobilization in Commercial Taxi and Minibus in Bursa

Hygiene mobilization in commercial taxis and dolmus in bursa
Hygiene mobilization in commercial taxis and dolmus in bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality initiated a hygiene campaign in all commercial taxis and minibuses in cooperation with the Chamber of Drivers, with the corona virus cases climbing again.

Turkey as well as all over the world getting together to implement additional measures to increase in cases corona virus, gave weight to the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, especially disinfecting work. Spraying teams affiliated to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Health Affairs Department carried out disinfection work in public transportation vehicles after health institutions, which were the most suitable environment for the spread of the virus, especially in the center and districts, with both positive cases and citizens coming for testing. While regular disinfection works were carried out in the bus, metro, tram and BUDO within the body of Burulaş, this time, commercial taxis and minibuses were disinfected one by one in cooperation with the Chamber of Drivers.

All commercial taxis and minibuses coming in front of the Zafer Taxi Station behind the Metropolitan Municipality Service Building were sprayed with great care. It was stated that this disinfection work will be repeated in certain periods.

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