Bursa Bus Fleet Increased to 85 with 564 New Vehicles

burulas bus fleet with new vehicle
burulas bus fleet with new vehicle

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality increased the total number of vehicles to 85 by adding 564 new vehicles to the Burulaş yellow bus fleet in order to reduce the density of public transportation and increase comfort. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they are working to make transportation in Bursa from being an ordeal and turn it into pleasure.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its investments in every field from smart intersection applications to the opening of new bridges and roads in order to make transportation in Bursa not a problem, renews the public transportation vehicles and provides comfortable and comfortable travel for the citizens. The Metropolitan Municipality, which renewed 3 vehicles, 391 of which were zero in the Bursa public transport fleet in the city and in the districts in the 773-year period, increased the number of vehicles serving to 2020 with the agreements made with new vehicles, new transportation lines and transportation cooperatives as of November 2363, doubling the capacity. . At the ceremony held in the field of the General Directorate of Burulaş, as a result of the tender, which was completed for 2 million TL, 112 85-meter air-conditioned, disabled ramps and 12 1-meter vehicle joined the Burulaş bus fleet. Thus, the number of vehicles from 8 was increased to 478.

"Target, uninterrupted transportation"

Speaking at the ceremony attended by AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Özhaseki, AK Party Provincial Chairman Ayhan Salman, Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar, Metropolitan Municipality and Burulaş administrators, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, a heavily used public transport in Bursa, with a population of over 3 million. stated that its network was found. Reminding that the priority issues of Bursa are transportation and traffic, Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that they focused on physical investments such as smart intersection applications, rail system signalization optimization, new roads, bridges and intersections. Stating that they have completed 3 kilometers of asphalt, 450 kilometers of surface coating and 951 bridges in 13 years, Mayor Aktaş underlined that they continue their transportation investments without slowing down during the pandemic period. Explaining that they provide serious convenience to the citizens of Bursa with the services and innovations made to public transportation, Mayor Aktaş said, “We did not make any increase for students in 3 years and on the contrary, we made discounts. For normal citizens, although the costs have increased very seriously in 3 years, we have made a total increase of 14 percent. The tender for the T2 tram line, which Bursa speaks a lot, was made. Travel with BUDO was withdrawn to 39 TL. While paying attention to the pandemic rules, we also receive great interest from the citizens. We have completed the first phase of signaling optimization in the rail system. When the three phases are completed, we will increase the number to over 350 thousand in the rail system where we carry 500 thousand people. An investment was undertaken by the Ministry of Transport for the first time in Bursa's history. The tender for the Emek-City Hospital line was made to 1 billion 607 million. The foundation will be laid in a short time. "We started the digitalization process of transportation with Bursabak mobile application."

"Most bus purchase project"

Mayor Aktaş stated that they aim to bring people to work in Bursa in the mornings and to their home and family in a healthy way in the evenings, adding that the number of vehicles reached 85 with the addition of 564 more vehicles to the Burulaş yellow bus fleet. Mayor Aktaş said, “This vehicle purchasing project is the largest single bus purchase project for urban public transportation in our country. With the expansion of the new fleet, we aim to reduce the density and add buses to the new lines needed. In Bursa, we are working with the concern of turning transportation from being an ordeal and turning it into pleasure. As the Metropolitan Municipality and Burulaş, we are working to make Bursa citizens more comfortable in transportation. We are on the account of carrying Bursa, the most beautiful city of all times, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, to better standards. We are very pleased with the visit of AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Özhaseki to our city. In the next period, they witnessed that our wishes and expectations are not a fantasy, but a need and imperative for this city. Hopefully, our 85 new vehicles will serve our citizens without any accident, trouble and trouble.

"There are very good results"

AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Özhaseki wished that the renewed buses would be beneficial for Bursa and serve people without any accident. Stating that the mayor's office is one of the most special authorities in the world in terms of providing the opportunity to serve people, Özhaseki said that the mayorship offers the opportunity to be remembered fondly with the works left behind. Expressing that it is the greatest honor to work in Bursa, which is an ancient city, which has sultans and saints in its bosom, Özhaseki said, “We would be happy if we contributed even a little bit of salt in the service rendered to Bursa. Transportation is one of the biggest problems of metropolitan cities. In cities like Bursa, which has history, it is a little more difficult to solve transportation. It is not easy to solve this difficulty by finding the right formulas. The services and works performed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş are a source of pride for all of us. We saw that the entire team in Bursa works and serves in harmony. We've already done surveys. There are very good results in Bursa. The trust of the people of Bursa in Alinur Aktaş continues exponentially. The work done is appreciated by the nation. kazanhe's eating. We are also proud of that. " said.

It's not just stone and earth

Stating that cities are not inanimate beings consisting of stones and soil, Özhaseki said that cities are also living organisms and they want maintenance, repair and care. Expressing that the people living there are also happy when the municipalities fulfill this duty properly, Özhaseki said, “There is a team in Bursa that is aware of this. The future of a city is directly proportional to the horizons of local administrators. If all of the people living in the city have good dreams for the future, the future of that city will also be bright. We witnessed beauties and good works in Bursa. Under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality, all parties are doing good things together. I wish the buses to be put into service to make trips without any accident and trouble. Good luck ”he said.

After the speeches, AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Özhaseki, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş and protocol members cut the ribbon and put the buses into service together with Edanur Altun with down syndrome who attended the ceremony. Later on, President Aktaş took the steering seat and took a short drive and tested the vehicles.

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