High Speed ​​Train Excitement for Bursa Begins Again

The excitement of fast train starts again for Bursa
The excitement of fast train starts again for Bursa

Now everyone knows ... Therefore, on December 23, 2012 Start 'started with the foundation laid in the ground, but was discouraged fast train No need to retell the process.


Now that the  more hopeful we are waiting.


The post-tender review process of 22 billion 9 million TL, which we announced from these columns on August 449, was completed and to a new stage has arrived.

That stage too ...

TBMM Plan and Budget Committee ''Nda Ulaştırma Bakanlığı who attended the meeting where the budget was discussed AK Party Bursa deputy Dr. Contact Mustafa directly explained in his speech.

Priority too Bursa'about train adventure gave to remind:

“Bursa's first meeting with rail systems goes back 140 years. The 42-kilometer rail system connecting Bursa to Mudanya Port was built in the last period of the Ottoman Empire. "

He referred to politics:

“Until 1948, people traveled by train on these rails, cargo was transported. But in 1948, during the Republican People's Party period, the rail system story ended. Because the voyages were terminated, then the rails were dismantled. "


“The people of Bursa did not forget this painful memory. They did not forget the Republican People's Party, which ended these campaigns. "

It reminded me of the new process:

“Now, thank God, the Bandırma line was added to the Osmaneli-Bursa line, which had already started, and the supply tender was made. There is no problem with the tender. The site will be delivered soon. Now we are waiting for work to start. "

He pointed out:

"Bursa, Turkey's second biggest exporter with $ 15 billion in exports. However, 78 percent of Bursa's industrial products are transported by road. Therefore, freight costs are very high. "

This is what we understand:

With an offer of 9 billion 449 million lira Kalyon Construction 'wins and world Bank In the project to be made with credit High-speed train excitement for Bursa starting again.

Since it will be with foreign credit, the project we counted days more hopeful we are waiting.

He also made a call to the Minister for the Gemlik train

TBMM Plan and Budget Committee ''Nda Ulaştırma Bakanlığı participating in negotiations AK Party Bursa Member of Parliament Mustafa Esgin, in his speech Minister of Transport Adil Karaismailoğlu 'first thanked, then asked:

“The project of the line that will connect the Osmaneli-Bursa-Bandırma line to Gemlik port is ready and we expect it to be included in the investment program. Thus, it will be connected to both Gemlik and Bandırma ports. "

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Event

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