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Bill murray movies
Bill murray movies

Although Bill Murray has produced different films with many different directors, Today Was Actually, which was shot in 1993 and known as A Groundhog Day, was not as remarkable as the production. Though the Ghostbusters take a step closer to him Watch the film It showed itself as the most striking project. Although this movie involves the main character being stuck in a day, it can be said that it has been a source of inspiration for many different productions that were released later. Considered among the most successful productions of the actor Bill Murray, this film mentions the work of the man who had to live the same day over and over again. It can be seen that the man, who at first showed an excited and scared image, was expecting to meet tomorrow as soon as possible.

Today was Actually Yesterday  native movie watch Although it is counted between, it is a remarkable production. Although it is similar to the current versions of Happy Death Day 1-2 and Russian Doll, this production can take a leading place in this plot. It can also attract attention as one of the productions that everyone will not forget in their childhood. It can be seen that in this film, which is among the productions that can be considered fantastic, the character played by Bill Murray gradually became aware of the work and focused on attracting the attention of his childhood love woman. It is possible to see an effective plot in the movie that always moves in this direction.

This production, which is a bit in the background compared to today's productions, can be considered as a very effective project compared to 1993. At the same time, although the acting in this production is seen as simple, it can be counted among the projects that marked its period. comedy movies Today, Yesterday, which has an important place in it, is counted among the light entertaining projects and can also be seen as non-exclusive productions. It can be expressed as an effective example of how to seek a solution if the person is stuck in a restriction. It can attract attention as a project to be watched with pleasure and spend time.

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