Asphalt Crying Local Technology is in Asfaltmatik Bursa

Local Asphaltmatik in Bursa
Local Asphaltmatik in Bursa

Demirören A.Ş., operating in the field of industrial heater in Bursa. With 'Asfaltmatik', which is produced entirely domestically by 'Asfaltmatik', the asphalt repair, which requires 7-8 construction machines and takes 35-40, is done in 15-20 minutes with one machine. Mayor Aktaş, who examined the application of this technology, which is also used by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, said that with this machine, qualified, fast and economical solutions were produced for asphalt repairs.

With strong industrial infrastructure, which is one of the leading cat Bursa of Turkey's economy, in particular to facilitate the work of local governments has produced more than a new brand. Demirören A.Ş., operating in the field of industrial heater in Bursa. The damaged asphalt is melted in place at a temperature of 500 degrees and brought to a new asphalt consistency and crushed with a roller. In this way, asphalt is rehabilitated with zero waste and at a low cost. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş also examined the application of the new technology in the field, which is also used by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Arif Demirören, the Chairman of the Board of the company, gave information to the Chairman Aktaş about how the system works.

Model support

Demirören Inc. Arif Demirören, Chairman of the Board of Directors, underlined that they received great moral support from President Aktaş from the project stage. Demirören stated that thanks to the project they developed, it was possible to easily repair the asphalt in 7-15 minutes at the earliest with a single machine with 16 construction equipment and 30-45 personnel, and said, “We heated the asphalt on-site, without bringing it away, and gave a temperature of 500 degrees. We melted the asphalt in place. By mixing the asphalt we melted and adding some binder regeneration liquid on it, we have repaired 20 square meters of asphalt in approximately 10 minutes with zero waste and with almost a very small energy cost ”. Demirören stated that approximately 450 square meters of area was renewed with a 200 lira propane tube and thanked Mayor Aktaş for their support.

Practical and economical solution

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that asphalt and road works are both costly and continuous. Pointing out that asphalt can often deteriorate not only because of vehicle density but also due to natural conditions, President Aktaş said, “Of course, we intervene in places with such deterioration and deformation. Traditional methods are used for repair. This method consists of an average of 20 processes such as gnawing, sweeping, plowing, rubble storage, rubble filling, and requires a large number of machinery and labor. These methods are very costly methods. The asphalt repair machine, which is produced locally and nationally in Bursa, produces practical and economical solutions unlike traditional methods. In order to produce qualified, fast and economical solutions, we have included it in our vehicle park. I also had the opportunity to see it during the project phase. I congratulate our industrialist. The emergence of such a technology in our Bursa also made us happy. I wish it to be beneficial, ”he said.

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