ASELSAN's Long Range Weapon Detection Radar to be Delivered at the End of the Year

Aselsan's long-range weapon detection radar will be delivered at the end of the year.
Aselsan's long-range weapon detection radar will be delivered at the end of the year.

Images of the Weapon Detection Radar (STR), which was developed by ASELSAN and will enter the Turkish Armed Forces inventory, have emerged.

Real images of STR, one of the prominent projects among the radar systems developed by ASELSAN in line with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), were reflected to the public at the “ASELSAN New Systems Presentation and Facility Opening Ceremony”. With the introduction of the Weapon Detection Radar, which has an active electronic scanning antenna with a range of 100 km, developed locally and nationally by ASELSAN in line with the needs of the Land Forces Command, an important radar system will be supplied from internal resources.

According to the information obtained by Defense Turk, the STR is planned to be delivered at the end of 2020.

The first contract regarding Weapon Detection Radars was signed between ASELSAN and SSB (SSM in those years) in 2013, and in this context, SERHAT Mobile Mortar Detection Radar was produced and delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces. Within the scope of the long-range Weapon Detection Radar Project signed by ASELSAN in 2016, 9 Weapon Detection Radar (STR) with active electronic scanning antenna will be delivered to the Land Forces Command. Mobile tactical and platform generators used within the scope of the Weapon Detection Radar Project were produced by İŞBİR Elektrik.

Weapon Detection Radar (STR)

ASELSAN Weapon Detection Radar is a high-tech radar system that detects mortar, artillery and rocket shots by enemy elements and precisely calculates the point of shot and drop. The gunshot point determined by the radar is immediately transferred to the fire support guns and it is aimed to destroy the enemy elements by making a counter shot. The drop point is calculated by monitoring the shots made by friendly units, and the deviation of the required shot from the target point is calculated and feedback is given to the units shooting for the arrangement of the shot.

General features

Detection of Mortar, Cannon and Rocket ammunition
• Calculation of the place of throw / drop of Mortar, Cannon and Rocket ammunition
Friendly unit shooting arrangement
• Electronic scanning in elevation and elevation
• Silhouette Tracking Ability
Quick and easy installation
Portable Structure on Vehicle: Two 10-Ton Class 6 × 6

Tactical Wheeled Vehicle

Local and Remote Commanded Operation Capability
Transportable with A400
• Can be operated with two operators
Modular Design
In-Device Testing Capability
• 24 Hours Continuous Working Capability


Solid State Power Amplifier
• Digital Beam Creation
• High Performance Signal and Data Processing Infrastructure
Advanced signal and data processing algorithms


Broadcast Frequency: S Band
Range: 100 km
• Target Classification
Mortar / Cannon / Rocket

Environmental Conditions

Compliance with Military Standards (MIL-STD-810 G, MILSTD461F)

Source: defenceturk

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