How Much Does Vehicle Air Conditioning Gas Go? How is Vehicle Air Conditioning Gas Filling Done?

How much does vehicle air conditioner go? How to fill vehicle air conditioner?
How much does vehicle air conditioner go? How to fill vehicle air conditioner?

Today, air conditioning is seen as a basic need for vehicles. If you want your journey to pass comfortably regardless of short or long distance, you should make sure that your air conditioner works without any malfunction. Situations may occur where the air conditioner does not fully cool the interior of the car or does not give heat to the car. In these cases, the first thing that comes to mind is the current gas condition of the air conditioner.

Under normal conditions, it does not indicate a situation such as the exhaustion or decrease of the refrigerant gas. In other words, the decrease or exhaustion of the refrigerant gas is not seen as a normally experienced situation. If there is a decrease in the air conditioner gas of your vehicle, there may be a problem in the system of your air conditioner or a break may have occurred in the air conditioning pipes. So how can you notice that your air conditioning gas is running low? Whether the phenomenon called snow on the outside of the air conditioner occurs or not will indicate to you whether your air conditioner has decreased. In short, if you observe the phenomenon called snowing, there has been a decrease in the air conditioning gas. If the air conditioner does not fully perform the cooling or heating process it normally does, you can dwell on situations such as the air conditioning gas is reduced or finished. Of course, it will be the best choice to determine the reasons for this and to be specified by experts. When there is a decrease in the air conditioning gas, the question to be answered is 'how to fill the air conditioning gas?' will be.

The question that car owners often wonder when they want to fill air conditioning gas themselves is 'How is air conditioning gas filling done?' is happening. However, the job of filling gas in vehicle air conditioners is unfortunately not a simple process that can be applied by people who do not know this job and who are inexperienced. If you have not done this before or if you do not have any experience in this matter, it will be more appropriate to leave this job to the experts by using the vehicle technical service locations for your vehicle. The experts first determine the cause of the damage in the air conditioner and then repair it. And after the damage is corrected, gas filling is done as the next step. There are special filling systems for gas filling in places such as technical service. Considering the brands and models of the vehicles, these systems, which pump only the necessary amount of air conditioning gas to the air conditioner, are located in places such as technical service. Gas types in vehicle air conditioners may differ. In today's market, most of the new production vehicles use R410 as gas. Old vehicles contain R22 gas. Looking at today, it is seen that R22 gas is still in the market and is being used. When the prices are compared, it is seen that R22 gas is at a more reasonable price than R410 gas, and for this reason, it is seen that the demand for R22 gas is still high today. When we first consider R410 among these gases, this gas consists of chemicals and liquid and therefore it cannot be determined which substance is reduced. Therefore, the gas in the air conditioner is shaken during the filling process. The air conditioner is evacuated by applying a vacuum process, and then the gas is filled into the empty air conditioner, where the gas inside is completely discharged. R22 gas filling involves simpler operations. Here, how much gas should be added is determined according to the gas in the air conditioner, and it is automatically filled with gas with the filling device.

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