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tepich expert
tepich expert

TEPPICH ANKAUF - Antique carpet sell - it's that easy and fast. Buying carpet Who doesn't know? You inherit a rug and at first glance you don't know what kind of jewelry it is. It was like that in my case. Because I was given two such rugs as a gift, but I knew I wouldn't find the place I needed. Therefore, only one sale was possible. After a long search I sold it and contacted them. Later I realized that these were antique rugs. Nevertheless, I would like to tell you about my experiences on how easy and fast it is to sell on Carpet Export.

Making contact

No two carpet is the same, every carpet is different. Some rugs are valuable and very old, some may look antique, but they are not. Therefore, determining the value of the carpet requires professional competence. I contacted Carpet Export employees because I could not really find what I was looking for myself. On the one hand I took a photo and sent it via e-mail, on the other hand I discussed the features on the phone with the employee. Features that mean a true authentic antique rug. Actually, this process was very simple and I was given direct, competent assistance during the first phone call to determine the true value of my rugs.


The value of my rug was determined using a multi-step evaluation process. The value of my carpets https://teppich-expert.de/ I decided to sell my antique rugs after learning at. The actual sales process was also quick and easy. I packed the carpets in a big package and sent them to Carpet Export. After the final inspection and quality check, I was contacted and the money was transferred. I never thought that selling carpets could be this easy. Everything from the actual valuation process to the sales process went smoothly and perfectly.

Undoubtedly, buying carpets and your antique rugs selling is not an everyday thing. Accordingly, I was overwhelmed in the first second. Do I get enough for my carpets? Is it easy to buy? In the beginning all these and more questions accompanied me. Thanks to the competence and fast processing of Carpet Export, I quickly got rid of all kinds of fear and uncertainty. So my carpets are in safe hands and they have found their place.

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