Alstom to Supply First Hydrogen Trains for Italy


Alstom will supply six hydrogen fuel cell trains with eight options to FNM (Ferrovie Nord Milano), the main transport and mobility group in Italy's Lombardy region, for a total of approximately EUR 160 million. The first train delivery is expected within 36 months from the order date.

The new hydrogen trains will be based on Alstom's regional train platform Coradia Stream, which is dedicated to the European market and is currently being produced for Italy by Alstom's main Italian facilities. Hydrogen-powered Coradia Stream for FNM will be equipped with the same fuel cell propulsion technology introduced to the world by Coradia iLint. The Hydrogen Coradia Stream will maintain the high standards of comfort already appreciated by passengers of its electric version. The hydrogen version will match the operational performance of diesel trains, including their range.

“We are very proud to introduce hydrogen train technology to Italy and we are aware of the confidence our Italian customer has placed in us. This development confirms Alstom's role in defining the future of mobility. These trains, together with the Coradia iLint, which have already proven themselves in commercial service in Germany, represent another important step in the transition to global sustainable transport systems. “I congratulate FNM by using this opportunity to demonstrate that they are leaders in this area,” says Gian Luca Erbacci, Alstom Europe's Senior Vice President.

The Coradia iLint is the world's first passenger train powered by a hydrogen fuel cell that generates electrical energy for traction power. This zero emission train emits low levels of noise, with the exhaust being only steam and condensed water. ILint is special for the combination of different innovative elements: clean energy conversion, flexible energy storage in batteries and intelligent management of available energy with traction power. It is specially designed to operate on non-electrified lines, providing clean, sustainable train operation while maintaining a high level of performance.

Coradia Stream trains for FNM are manufactured in Italy by Alstom. Most of the project development, production and certification processes are carried out at Alstom's facility in Savigliano. Built-in signaling systems are delivered by the Bologna site.

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