Alsancak Port Opened to Ro-Ro Ships

alsancak port opened to ro ro ships
alsancak port opened to ro ro ships

Alsancak port, which was closed to Ro-Ro transportation in August 2018 with the decision of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality UKOME, was reopened for Ro-Ro operations in order to support exports.

Ro-Ro operations, which were stopped by the decision of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) in August 2018 on the grounds that they negatively affect the urban traffic, were restarted with the permission of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Except for containers and similar loads, the necessary permission has been granted by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for Ro-Ro ships carrying trucks or trucks to be able to reload and unload from the port, provided that only wheeled vehicles and their cargo are transported.

In order to prevent interruption of urban traffic, trucks, lorries, tow-type vehicles that will serve Ro-Ro transportation will not be able to enter and exit the city and the port between 07.30-09.30, 17.30-19.30.

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