Tram Vehicles Are Disinfected Every Day In Akçaray!

In Akcaray, tram vehicles are disinfected every day.
In Akcaray, tram vehicles are disinfected every day.

TransportationPark, one of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, continues its efforts to ensure that citizens travel safely in Akçaray, where it serves dozens of citizens every day. In this context, the trams, which are periodically disinfected by the cleaning army every day, do not pass the virus with the UV air filter system during the day.


TransportationPark A.Ş. The trams coming to the General Directorate Tramway Storage area go through a feverish cleaning adventure every night. Trams washed every day are also disinfected by a cleaning army. Disinfection is provided from the points where the passengers come in contact with the most, to the blind spots that are never held. Every point of the trams from A to Z is carefully cleaned in order to make a healthy journey.


Thanks to the UV Filter, which has been applied in all trams since April, the internal air circulation of the trams is cleaned. With the latest technology UV Filter, which removes 99% of coronavirus, citizens are offered safe travel. Filters, which are present in a certain amount in all trams, increase the air quality in the vehicle to the highest levels with its rays.


The teams determined by the Park ensure continuous cleaning by providing control within the stop and tram during the day. While the mobile team wandering at the stops cleans the benches and the points where passenger contact is provided, the team traveling in the vehicle also provides instant cleaning control. In addition, disinfectant controls are also covered by these teams. If needed, the cleaning teams directed by the control center exceedingly meet the need for daytime cleaning.

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