Day and Night Care for Safe Travel in Akçaray

Day and night maintenance for a safe journey in Akcaray
Day and night maintenance for a safe journey in Akcaray

With the maintenance carried out by the park maintenance teams, a safe journey continues to be provided in Akçaray. Nighttime treatments are as important as daytime treatments. Akçaray provides a safe transportation service to its passengers thanks to the line maintenance performed by partially cutting off the electricity at the point where the line stops completely.


Continuous safe travel is ensured in Akçaray with the planned maintenance carried out by night maintenance teams. Line maintenance, switch maintenance, transformer maintenance, signaling maintenance, line security control, control of rails along the line, catenary maintenance, air conditioning maintenance are controlled at every point from a to z in the maintenance that is provided periodically until the morning.


24-hour maintenance teams are available at the General Directorate of Transportation Park. The coordination of the teams that stop for immediate action in possible emergencies is provided by the control center.


With these maintenance services, Akçaray's safety and passengers are provided with a healthy journey. In addition to periodic maintenance, it is possible to travel safely, healthily and on time with Akçaray, whose security level has reached the highest level with the maintenance performed on the line. With all the steps taken with the motto of safety and health first, it is always at the forefront of the passengers to make a healthy and safe journey.


The day is not completed with only maintenance in Akçaray. Along with the maintenance carried out, the cleaning is also important. With the disinfection processes carried out, the safety of Akçaray on the line is almost reflected in the vehicle. The interior and exterior of the vehicles are cleaned daily by professional teams until the early hours of the morning. Thanks to this cleaning, the inside and outside of the trams are suitable for a healthy journey. In addition, thanks to the UV Filter in the vehicle, the air quality in the vehicle is also maximized.

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