Adana Metropolitan Bus Stops Produces Its Own

Adana produces its own bus stops
Adana produces its own bus stops

Adana Metropolitan Municipality saves money by manufacturing bus stops throughout the city. While the stops built by the municipality from iron profiles and wood are aesthetically appreciated, the people's money is protected by being cheaper than purchased.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality both adds an aesthetic change to the urban appearance and saves money with the bus stops built by its own personnel. The bus stops, which were previously purchased and procured, are manufactured with the work of personnel from many units of the municipality in the workshop established by the Transportation Department and the Park Bahçeler Department.


With the new application of the Metropolitan, which was initiated by the instruction of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar, approximately 140 percent savings are achieved in the cost of 80 stops in the city. 40 pieces are produced per month from the stalls produced with a camellia appearance with iron frame and wooden material.

A different style in terms of urban aesthetics with its camellia appearance kazanThese stops are used in the city center and districts. The stops, which are healthier due to their wooden structure, protect the public from the hot sun of Adana in summer and rain in winter. Another advantage is that the stops produced by the municipality personnel are larger than before and that more citizens can benefit from it at the same time.

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